Xbox 360 Super Elite

(PRWEB) February 17, 2010

Xbox 360 Elite consoles have never been so popular. In recent months the Xbox 360 Elite became the must buy Xbox 360 out of the three editions (Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 60GB Pro). Microsoft have delivered top quality games for their existing install base, in addition to keeping the hardware up to date a new Xbox 360 Super Elite was released to equal the PS3 250gb slim console’s capacity.

Over the past 3 years, the old website informally known as Xbox UK kept shoppers’ informed on the best Xbox 360 deals in the UK, by providing Xbox 360 price comparison, discount codes, reviews and giving 1-1 advice frequently. Today sees the launch of the new website which will provide the same great service as before with even more resources for shoppers.

The new website is easier to navigate with new pages organised by Xbox 360 console type and a summary of packages and deals.

Super Elite – Xbox 360 Deals

On the Xbox 360 Super Elite 250gb pages, visitors can see the console prices and best offers to pre-order the new Xbox 360 Super Elite with Final Fantasy XIII bundle. Whilst on occasion the Xbox 360 Elite Forza 3 Motorsport Super Elite and Modern Warfare 2 Super Elite bundle come back in stock. Both have proved excellent value for money, in addition to the console, those limited edition Xbox 360 bundles include one extra wireless controller and a top Xbox 360 game free.

Xbox 360 Elite Vs PS3 Slim

One question we get asked time and again is “why buy an Xbox 360 Elite?” To answer this question we have created a page comparing Xbox 360 Elite versus PS3 Slim, which is better and why. Along with a page listing the must buy Xbox 360 essentials, where visitors can easily see the recommended extras to go with their new purchase. The essential things to buy after getting a console is also subject to opinion, often an Xbox 360 play and charge kit will suffice for starters.

Coming Soon Xbox 360 Games

When shopping for a new game consoles checking out the good Xbox 360 games out now, plus the best Xbox 360 games coming soon (hot future releases) will give buyers confidence they are making the right choice before they buy a Xbox 360 Elite.

Xbox 360 bundles

Xbox 360 prices have never been this cheap. Now the entry level Xbox 360 console price is only £99. Comparing the best Xbox 360 Elite deals in the UK online is not easy without the know-how. At state of the art Technology gathers intelligence to process the information accurately. The prices change regularly, Xbox 360 offers come and go in and out of stock frequently, along with retailers who provide with exclusive discounts and offers to help our visitors make a big saving and get the best Xbox 360 deal. In hindsight the less savvy shoppers pay full price for an Xbox 360 Elite only, and regret it, when they should have researched Xbox 360 bundles, which include added games or hardware for free.


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Website with Thousands of Free Online Games Destined to be One of the Largest Online Arcades

Keller, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2010

No Charge Arcade announced today that it now has thousands of free online games from all over the web and the overall goal of the website is to have over 15,000 free online games by the summer of 2011.

No Charge Arcade wants to be the number one arcade on the internet for thousands of family friendly games. How the arcade intends to achieve this is to consist of high quality family friendly games and be the one stop website for online gamers. The arcade does not even require a membership and you can play as many games as you want with no daily limit. The website is growing rapidly with new games being added weekly. Over 1,000 games were added just this past week.

No Charge Arcade is also one of the most user friendly arcades on the internet as it does not have intrusive advertisements. The arcade currently has the following categories of games: Action games, Adventure games, Board Games, Card Games, Driving Games, Humor Videos, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Role Playing Games, Shooting Games, Skills Games, Sports Games, and Strategy Games. More categories of games are coming soon and No Charge Arcade says it is planning to add another thousand games to the arcade within the next month. The overall goal is to have over 15,000 games by the summer of 2011, which would make No Charge Arcade one of the largest arcades on the internet for free online games. No Charge Arcade says it will achieve this goal by adding thousands of free high quality online games every month. The arcade’s game selection is constantly sorted through to make sure that the games are of high quality and are family friendly.

If you would like to learn more about the game selection and play some of the games for yourself, visit:


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Question by Jessica: Is there a place or website that buys used arcade games in california?

I have hundreds of used arcade video games that i do not use anymore and i would like to sell them. and i wanted to know if there was somewhere that would buy them from me.

Best answer:

Answer by fawdown
Be specific.

Are you talking about actual coin op arcade games, or those for a home console?

Either way, if you browse craigslist, you will see quite a few ads for arcade machines.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

How to Make Your Own Gaming (Arcade) Website

So you need to setup up your very own gaming arcade site. Here’s how you can do so:

1. First and foremost you should have the passion for websites and gaming (If you don’t have it, I would suggest not to waste your time). Any website needs time and dedication to be successful and can do so consistently over a period of time only if you have the passion for that subject.

2. Second step would involve getting a nice domain name to suit the kind of gaming site that you would like to build. domain is also preferable. Secondly you need to you buy a good hosting provider. You can go for a shared hosting provider like Blue Host or Host Gator initially when you don’t have much traffic to your site.

3. Third step would be to install a good arcade script on your host. Some of the recommended scripts are listing below. Not everyone has money to buy an script so I am also offering a list of free ones as well. Free scripts usually have some of the features premium arcade scripts have but not very many. Most free arcade scripts you have to add games yourself and keep a link going back to their site. If you are thinking of making money or a business out of an arcade website i highly suggest a premium script.

Recommended Premium ($ US):

AV Arcade Pro .00

Arcade Trade Script .95

PHP Arcade Script .00

Premium ($ US):

Arcade Trade Script .95 (Recommended)

Arcadem .99

AV Arcade Pro .00 (Recommended)

PHP Arcade Script .00 (Recommended)

Recommended Free:

Free Arcade Script


AV Arcade Free


Easy Arcade

MD Arcade

Pro Arcade Script Lite

Quick Aracde

4. Make your site more interesting by adding games of your own choice which will give a cutting edge to your site and make the people visit your site several times which will help you to earn more and increase your goodwill in the arcade business. You can visit Mochi Media ( ) for free games for your website, use them and have games online free on your site.

5. Add Blog and Forum to your site to make it more interesting. This will also help you to get the views of the visitors to your site. The analysis of the views and comments will help you to develop your site as you can add games and other features like game description and gaming mode which will make your site interesting and attract larger traffic to increase you’re earning.

All the very best with your new gaming arcade site.

The author is a owner of a successful gaming site

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