Question by cumbiagermen: What is the name of an arcade video game Mario Bros.-style starring little eskimos?
I remember playing an arcade game very similar in style to the original Mario Bros, the protagonist being a little person dressed like an Eskimo with a furry hood. He had to battle little blue ice flames and a variety of other creatures. Those are all the details I can remember. It was a fun game.
I think I also remember that the eskimo character carried around a little mallet that it used in aiding it fight the monsters it encountered.

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Answer by deblyn
Was it Ice Climbers? Where the two little guys had to make their way upwards and jump on the bird?

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Who doesn’t love a good racing video game? Racing video games have been popular since the 1970′s. One great aspect of racing games is that you can play as yourself or as a character. Games can have you racing anywhere from a real race track to a whimsical fantasy land. Whether you are an avid gamer or just a gamer for fun there is a racing game available for you.

Arcade style racing games were invented and released in the early 70′s. Many of these arcade games were single player overhead view noncompetitive racing games. These games allowed the gamer to race against a clock/computer. In the later 70′s video game companies broaden the spectrum to include competitive games where two players could race against each other. Early style arcade games often used black and white graphics. It wasn’t until Sega introduced Monaco GP that color graphics and the vertical view was introduced.

The 80′s brought major innovation to the racing video game genre. Not only were players allowed to drive their vehicles in all directions they were able to compete using the third person perspective. Music was also introduced to the backgrounds of most racing games. Real circuit driving was pioneered by Namco when they introduced Pole Position. This game was a revolutionary racing game in its time. The graphics were featured in a higher resolution and the third person perspective was used. When Pole Position 2 came out they added improvements. Players were now allowed to pick the course they were interested in racing on. Along with that feature came greater detailed graphics.

Racing simulators became all the rage starting in the early 90′s. Papyrus Design Group launched the game Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. The game was based off of the actual race track. Not only did it offer 3-D graphics you had set up options, car failures and handling issues. Sega was the first company to introduce multi-player machine linking with their Virtua Racing in 1992. If fantasy racing was more your style, Nintendo introduced the ever popular Mario Kart. The bright colors, colorful environment and recognizable characters made franchise history.

In today’s era video game companies are full speed ahead with racing game development. Racing games have become ultra realistic and competitive. Yes you can still find fun racing games like Cars the movie and Super Mario Cart to play around with. Although they now offer more of a free racing style with courses that allow racers to drive all over the course. Today the buzz has become all about Forza Motorsport 3 introduced by Turn 10 Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. The game has over 400 cars available for players to customize and 100 plus tracks to race on. The Forza 3 tool features the ability to paint the vehicles and upgrade race cars. If you are an online racing gamer you’re even allowed to set up a store front to create car designs to sell to other players.

Gaming through the decades has defiantly come a long way. Yes customizing cars and racing against friends that live miles from you is a thrill but I still like some old school Pole Patrol. When you take a look back on history and see how far the video gaming world has come it is hard to imagine the future. With features like the Forza 3 car set up tool I can only envision what the world of video game racing will be ten years from now.

If you have enjoyed this article from Kevin Germain at CPS please visit today where you will find useful information on the Forza 3 tool.

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Here’s my review of the XBox 360 Version of Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection. This game was also released on the PS3, Nintendo Wii, PS2 and PSP. This game showcases 13 of Williams Pinball’s best games from the 70′s 80′s and 90′s. The PS3/XBox 360 versions include online leaderboards and three new tables not included in previous versions, Medieval Madness, No Good Gophers and Tales of The Arabian Nights. The gameplay is rock solid and is one of the best video pinball games around. If your a fan of pinball you owe it to yourself to check it out. If not, you might be interested in seeing how pinball evolved from the early days to newer tables today. It’s well worth the 30 dollars for 13 great tables and online leaderboards. Let’s hope Crave will continue on with this series of games and make another Williams Collection or hopefully a Bally Pinball Collection too! The next episode of Arcade Hunters is coming soon! Be sure to check out our site at www, to see it there first!
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Question by wildbilly_100: Do any Las Vegas Casinos let you win at video arcade games?
I want play video game like arcade games and maybe win a little. Do any of the casinos let play a game to win money?

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Answer by JackAce

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Question by punchline67: What is your favorite arcade style console or table video game from the 1980′s?
Robotron? Defender? Stargate? PacMan? Spy Hunter?

Specifically looking for arcade games – the coin operated variety.

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Answer by Pastinky
Pac Man was the best! It was challenging and trying to keep away from those little ghost, let’s just say I was the queen of Pac Man. Was also the queen of pinball games!!

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Best Zombie Video Games

With the success of zombie movies this decade it makes sense that developers would turn to video games as well to bank on the resurgence of zombie love. There have been a lot of great zombie games for various gaming systems throughout the years, so here is a list of the top ones that you should play first.

Zombies At My Neighbors

Released for the SNES in 1993, this run and gun video game made by the always great LucasArts developers was a fun and hilarious oddity of a game. The premise is pretty simple, you play as Zeke or Julie, teenage kids who wake up to find the zombies have taken over their neighborhood. You run around different levels finding keys and warp points all while water gunning, weed wacking, throwing exploding soda cans and bazooking zombies in your path. The game was such a cult hit that it was re-released for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console so younger fans could play the classic game.

Resident Evil

The original resident evil game used zombies as a springboard to tell a winding, sometimes convoluted story about an evil genetics corporation and the SWAT team trying to stop them. The game has of course been made into several movies staring Milla Jovovich and the franchise has continued to this day with the most recent being Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It was one of the highest selling games of 2009 which just goes to show, people still love their zombies.

House of the Dead (series)

The House of the Dead arcade game series is one of the most popular light gun arcade games. The story isn’t really the high point of the House of the Dead series. Basically you walk around houses and different settings killing zombies and other weird creatures. The graphics were great and the light gun action was pretty fun, but it was pretty difficult and was a total money drain if you actually wanted to play through the game to the end. The series has been ported to the Xbox, PC and the Wii with separately sold light guns that resemble smaller spyder paint ball guns.

Alan Lomax is a freelance writer from MN.

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Got some black ops zombie arcade for you guys :) Dead Ops Arcade or whatever you want to call it :) This is part 1 of 4 so if you guys enjoy this please like it and il upload the other 3 parts :) Stu x

Question by Oz_tin Powers.: How much on average would it cost to ship/freight any early 1980s video arcade machine from USA-London?
Hi everybody..
What is generally the approximate cost of safely having a 1980′s retro arcade machine (pac-man/Defender/Space Invaders etc) shipped from USA-London,UK?..Can anybody reccommend any reputable trusted companies that ship/freight safely and securely from the USA…Does it usually depend on which USA state it comes from?
Can you have the shipment sent to Dover or Southampton,UK?
Thanks,much appreciated

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Answer by Caretaker
No matter what answer you receive here the only real answer is from the courier. I would recommend DHL. I’ve done a return shipment from Singapore to Moncton Canada, 18 tons at $ 98,000 one way. But the biggest problem was handling at transient points.

If cost is not an issue you should pack your machine and let them handle it.

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Question by Hayley: What’s the best place for free online video games (without annoying ads!)?
My two kids just got their own pc. I want to let them play simple free online arcade games (like dressup, puzzle & girlie games or action & adventure pc games for the boy ) but i dont want to expose them to adult ads. Also i remember to have seen fun memory and skills games somewhere, which i think can be a benefit for my children. But i forgot the name of the site and i cant find it anymore. HELP!

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Answer by tisdave
I would recommend as there aren’t as many adverts as other sites. Enjoy! (This site also has strategy games, for help with education)

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Humble, TX (PRWEB) November 22, 2005

A video game convention of superstars who were prominent back in the early 1980s is scheduled for Humble, TX, the weekend of December 2-4, 2005.

See this URL:

Among the dozens of visiting celebrities is Abdner Ashamn of Brooklyn, who is world famous as the record holder on Ms. Pac-Man and Robotron. Also, coming from San Jose, California is Mike Klug, a legendary competitor and former world record holder on Atari’s Pole Position. And Greg Sakundiak of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who held many world records on classic arcade games during the 80s but retired from gaming to pursue a career in professional arm wrestling.

Created by Callan Hendricks and Dwayne Richard, proprietors of Totally Amused, a Humble firm that specializes in selling and repairing classic video games from the 1978-1986 era, the event will allow the public to play nearly 100 classic video games while noted gaming celebrities demonstrate gaming tips and tell stories from the “arcade era” of the early 1980s.

Called the “Legends of the Golden Age: A Tribal Gathering of the Greatest Video Game Superstars of the 1980s,” the event will feature high-score contests on dozens of games, allowing players to potentially win listings in Twin Galaxies‚Äô Official Video Game & Pinball Book of world Records, the industry‚Äôs official record book.

Walter Day, editor of the record book, will be at the event to conduct the contests and verify the high scores for the record book. Not only will there be two national events on classic games like Turbo-Sub and Aztarac, but the highlight of the weekend will be two additional arcade contests featuring two of the top arcade games currently in the nation’s arcades.

Promoted as The Houston Arcade Championships, this additional tournament features Target: Terror and The Fast and the Furious, both games manufactured by Raw Thrills, Inc., a Chicago-based company that was founded by Eugene Jarvis, the creator of the legendary Stargate and Robotron video games. These two modern games have been donated to the activities courtesy of Betson Enterprises, a national coin-op vending company with offices throughout the nation, including the Dallas-Houston area.

The event site is in the showroom of Totally Amused, at the Humble Plaza Shopping Center, 19333 Hwy 59 N, Humble TX, 77338. Information can be obtained by calling 832-347-6570

Admission for the three-day event is $ 20 per day or $ 45 for the entire weekend. The games will be set on free play and the general admission fee covers automatic enrollment in all contests.

And, the best thing for serious gamers is that the showroom stays open all three days from 10:00 AM until 2:00 AM the next night, allowing unlimited video game play.

“I wouldn’t miss this for anything,” says Richard, who has been helping Hendricks organize the event. Dwayne Richard is one of the legendary stars that will be on display, showing off his skills on more than a dozen games. “When the contests start,” warns Richard, who won the world championships in 1986 and 2003, “I’ll have to be in top form because many legendary ‘gunslingers’ are coming to town to prove that they are still the ‘fastest guns.’”

For more information, contact Callan Hendricks at 832-347-6570 or Walter Day at Twin Galaxies at 641-472-1949. Or go to


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Super Mario games have been around since the eighties, and have been among the most popular video games on every gaming platform ever since the first super Mario game was created.

Super Mario Games exist for just about every gaming platform, ranging from the popular Nintendo consoles, like the Wii, SNES, N64 and handhelds like the Nintendo DS, but also on the PC in the shape of super Mario free games that will play in any flash capable browser.

The popularity of the super Mario games, can easily been measured, simply by looking at the sales charts, where the games featuring super Mario always rank amongst the top selling titles. It is no wonder Nintendo has made this Italian plumber its official mascot.

A nice extra for PC gamers is that all the classic titles like the famous super Mario bros games and even free super Mario bros 3 games are now online, as flash games, featured on many arcade gaming web sites, where gamers can play super Mario games for free. Virtually every classic super Mario game title is available through those sites, especially, the arcade sites that are dedicated to super Mario games, and carry all the classic super Mario game titles.

Since the free super Mario games arrived for PC gamers, the games evolved, and now all the classic super Mario games online, look even better then the originals, with smoother graphics, while maintaining the excellent game play, and with the addition of many new super Mario games, there is a wealth of new games for all the fans out there, contributing greatly to the popularity of the games, because the super Mario free games, removed even the smallest(price) obstacle to play the games, ensuring the free super Mario games have the widest possible reach, among the gamers, looking to play the games.

While the super Mario games online are responsible for bringing in a whole new generation of gamers, the traditional consoles like the Nintendo Wii, are also continuing to bring out new super Mario games, that are still as popular as ever. For example; the new Super Mario Galaxy game, which has been in the top of the charts, almost immediately since it came out.

The main reason super Mario games are as popular as they are, lies with the fact that the games cater to a wide variety of gamers, being challenging enough for even the most advanced gamers, yet easy enough for even the youngest gamers among us. Add to this the harmless and friendly characteristics of the super Mario games, and we see a game suitable for the whole family, as opposed to other popular gaming titles, that often revolve around, murder, death, mayhem and destruction. In a wealth of violence, super Mario games represent an oasis of friendly gaming, which is lots of fun, without ever becoming unsuitable for all ages.

It is exactly this formula that made the super Mario games as famous and popular as they are to day in any shape, be it the latest super Mario game for the Wii, or the classic super Mario games that can be played online for free in a flash capable browser.

This being said, super Mario games as a marketing concept, is brilliant, and other game developers should look at this master strategy by Nintendo, for inspiration, if they ever hope to develop a gaming franchise that could hope to come close to the popularity of the super Mario games.

Everwijn Overberg is a professional writer who has written many aricles on the subject of video games, and is currently a writer for

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