Dingoo A320 Review

So I just got my Dingoo A320 from gameyeeeah.com a week ago, and after checking out a few games, videos, and music on it I thought I’ll write up something. Overall, I’m impressed with this portable gaming system, though it has a few software flaws which hopefully will be improved or corrected.

First the emulators, I’ll rate each emulator in graphics, sound, control and fun factor, from 1-10, (1 = poor, 10 = perfect)

A Note in controls for all emulators: For some reason you can’t press the Y button and B at the same time, for example in mario if you pick up a shell and jump mario will drop the shell once you jump, this can be resolved by reassigning the buttons but I hope the devs fix this in a firmware update.

Gameboy Advance emulator

Graphics 10/10 Perfect – No complaints here. It looks exactly like it would on my gba. No noticeable frameskip or graphical glitches in any of the games I tested: Sonic Advance, Metroid Fusion, Legend of Zelda the minish cap, Super Mario Advance 2, Advance wars, Final fantasy 6 advance.

Sound 10/10 Perfect – No skip on music or sound effects

Control 10/10 No problems here, besides the Y button problem present in all emulators. Shoulder buttons worked along with 2 face buttons.

Fun Factor 10/10 No complaints. I can’t think of anything wrong with this one.

Note: Nothing else to say. Perfect emulation as far as I can tell.

Nintendo Entertainment System emulator

Graphics 10/10 Perfect – games tested: Ducktales, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 3, Tiny Toons 2, Ninja Gaiden

Sound 10/10 Perfect – No skip on music or sound effects

Control 10/10 No problems here, besides the Y button problem present in all emulators.

Fun Factor 10/10 No complaints. I can’t think of anything wrong with this emulator either.

Note: Nothing else to say.

Super Nintendo emulator

Graphics 7/10 – The games do not run at full normal speed. Some run too slow, others too fast. Playing around with the frameskip settings did not resolve the problem to a satisfactory level. While decent and playable, the warped speed on some games combined with sound problems (see below) greatly affected the fun factor. Games tested: Diddy’s Kong Quest, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania 5, Mega Man X, Tetris Attack, Turtles in Time.

Sound: 4/10 – Due to frameskip, the music on most games tested was off, skipping, and just a pain to listen to. Sound effects were fine, but seeing as how the snes has some of the best video game music ever, sound for this emu was a big disappointment.

Control 8/10 – There seems to be a problem with some games inputting all 6 buttons. Not all games utilize 6 buttons for snes, but many do. Y button problem here too.

Fun Factor 7/10 – Decent. Some games are more enjoyable with the sound off. The skipping and distorted music was just too distracting for me.

Note: Hopefully the speed (and sound quality) of this emulator can and will be improved to the level of the nes and gba emus so that we can all enjoy the amazing music of Chrono Trigger, Diddy’s Kong Quest, and Final Fantasy anytime, anywhere. Setting frameskip to 2 makes many games more playable with sound.

Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator

Graphics 1/10 Yikes! The worst graphics emulation. Graphics have scanlines on moving objects (and since in most games the whole screens moving, the entire screen is distorted and blurred. Made all games unplayable for me. Frameskip is also very noticeable. It seems there’s more scan lines when there‚Äôs more action on screen, and less when there‚Äôs less going on. Games tested: Adventures of Batman and Robin, Ecco, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic and Knuckles, Vectorman, Mortal Kombat 2, Shinobi 3.

Sound 7/10 Sound effects were fine, if a little loud. Though music wasn’t playing exactly normal speed, it was good for most games.

Control 8/10 -Though there was an option to configure the keys for a 6 button controller, they didn’t work for 6 button games (Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3)

and the Y button problem present in all emulators.

Fun Factor 1/10 – The scanline graphics and frameskip combined with slight and major sound distortion on games made all sega genesis games unplayable.

Note: If the Dingoo can emulate arcade games so well, there has to be a way to make genesis games run better than they are now.

CPS1 emulator


Are there even any good games for CPS1? Didn’t download any so couldn’t test.

CPS2 emulator

Graphics 6/10 – Fighting games were slow and unplayable. Beatem ups run well. Games tested: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel Super Heroes, X-men Children of the Atom, Alien Vs Predator, Gigawing.

Sound 10/10 – After I deleted the games that didn’t run well, the remaining ones had perfect sound.

Control – 7/10 dpad not built for fighting games. After deleting games that didn’t run well, controls for beatemups and puzzle games worked well.

Fun Factor – 9/10 Alien Vs Predator and Gigawing work perfect. Wasn’t intending on playing fighting games on the Dingoo anyway.

Note: While there is room for improvement, seeing as how the dpad is unfit for fighting games, and other games run perfect or very good, I’d say for the devs to give low priority for fixing this emulator and focus on the megadrive and snes ones.

Neo Geo emulator

Graphics 8/10 – Neo geo games look very impressive on the small screen, very sharp and clear. Frameskip noticeable when theres alot of action. Metal Slug looks amazing, though imperfect with slowdown. Games tested: Metal Slug 3, X, Blazing Star, Sonic Wing 2, Last Blade.

Sound 7/10 – Due to frameskip, music is slightly off, usually slower than normal.

Control – 10/10 – No problems playing shootem ups with the controls.

Fun Factor – 8/10 most games worked well. Setting frameskip to 6 for metal slug seems to make it more stable.

Note: I’d like it if these games could run closer to normal speed, especially for Metal Slug. As with CPS2 games, its hit or miss. Some games work perfect, others don‚Äôt, or are unplayable.

Emulators I’m happy with; Perfect: Gameboy Advance, Nintendo

Good/decent Emulators: Neo Geo, CPS2

Emulators in need of improvement: Megadrive, Super Nintendo

General Dingoo Notes:

- 3D games: I bought the Dingoo for emulation, though upon checking out 3D games saw that 7 days has good graphics and seems interesting.

- Videos play well, saved a bunch of old cartoons to watch when I’m bored. The play list organizes videos by size (I’m guessing) and not by name, so files named Batman 1, Batman 2, Batman 3, will show and play in the order of Batman 3, Batman 1, Batman 2. Any way to fix this?

- Radio works well, though it took a while for me to figure out how to set and save stations. Still didn’t figure out how to turn radio off before going back into main menu. (Turned background play off completely)

- Recorder is cool. I wonder if I’ll ever use it.

- Picture viewer crisp. Library ebook reader untested. I thought it takes pdf files, only takes txt. It displays text against the menu background image, which if isn’t white, can be hard on the eyes.

- TV out untested, others seem to think it’s good.

Other Emulation Notes:

- Running some games will crash the Dingoo. Don’t panic like I did. Lolz. The screen will be stuck on black and you won’t be able to power off or exit out of the emu. All you have to do is use a pin or tootpick to press reset on the left side, next to the dpad.

- Setting frameskip yourself (instead of auto) makes some games run better.

- It seems turning the sound off makes some games run smoother.

My overall conclusion of the Dingoo A320 is that I’m happy with the system. As it is, it plays music and videos well, as well as gameboy advance, Nintendo, and some CPS2 and Neo Geo games.

I’m hoping the devs will come out with better versions of these emulators as well as fix the control issues soon.

Overall score: (Not an average)


Btw, the link for Dingoo A320


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Math doesn’t equal fun to me, but hey maybe it does to you. Geometry Wars is a minigame created by Bizarre Creations as part of Project Gotham Racing 2 for the Xbox, accessible through the in-game garage. An updated version of the game, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, is available for download on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. It can also be played in demo form in Project Gotham Racing 3. It has held the record for most-downloaded Xbox Live Arcade game.[1] A new version, Geometry Wars: Evolved, has been produced for mobile phones,[2] and a version has also been released for Windows Vista, as well as a reduced-price Windows XP release on the Steam content delivery network. Another version named Geometry Wars: Waves is available to play in Project Gotham Racing 4. Geometry Wars: Galaxies was released for the Nintendo DS and Wii in November 2007. A sequel, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 was released to Xbox Live Arcade on July 30, 2008. The most recent version of the game was released for iOS devices. The object of Geometry Wars is to survive as long as possible and score as many points as possible by destroying an ever-increasing swarm of enemies. The game takes place on a rectangular playfield and the player controls a claw-shaped “ship” that can move in any direction using the left thumbstick, and can fire in any direction independently using the right thumbstick. The player also has a limited number of bombs that can be detonated and destroy all enemies on the

Retro Arcade Game Review: Return of Heracles

Imagine, if you will, a game that encapsulates almost all of Greek mythology in one colourful, fast-moving, joy-stick controlled graphic adventure. Said game also has multi voice music, text, hi-res graphics effects, animation, and the ability to save the game to disk at will. Such a paragon exists, and is currently my favourite computer game despite some flaws that I will point out later. RETURN OF HERACLES (ROH) is a game with much strength and a few weaknesses.

The setting is mythological Greece in the time of the Heroes and the Trojan War. The country and all the lands about are overrun with supernatural menaces and monsters. Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods, has decreed that these menaces-such as the Nemean Lion, the Caledonian Boar, and the immortal Hydra-be destroyed. You enter, controlling one or more heroes (as many as you want up to the total number possible) to get the job done. Your characters, whether they are Achilles, Jason, Odysseus, or one of a host of others, move about the countryside fighting, collecting treasures, buying supplies and getting advanced training.

If all goes well, you and your friends will accomplish the 12 labours of Zeus and get a fabulous reward. If not, you will all die. I think you’ll agree that’s a fair set of alter- natives for a computer game. The game is transparent. The rules explain themselves. Although documentation comes with it, you’ll never have to read it. You can play poorly, but there is no way to do anything wrong. And, unlike certain text adventures where you have to find the right words or you get nowhere, you will always be accomplishing something as long as you just move the characters. The multiple screens with animated sprite graphics (in the Atari version) and accompanying music are strong aspects in ROH. I counted over 30 different sprites (player missiles) involved in the game, and most of them are animated.

Incidentally, your foes are controlled by the computer, and they are also animated, both in terms of moving on screen and in seeming to act with purpose. Having numerical attributes such as strength, vigour, speed, wealth, armour, weapons, the characters also have histories and personalities, allowing the player the true joy of role-playing with them. Although the same sprite is used to represent both Achilles and Odysseus, the two heroes behave in entirely different manners. I tend to get emotionally attached to the wily Ithakan, and try to save him, but I use Achilles as a superhero and just throw him into combat anywhere at any time. Finally, the game teaches Greek mythology. Before you are finished you participate in the Founding of Thebes, the Sack of Roy, and explore the Labyrinth of Crete. You visit the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and climb the slopes of Olympus. You earn either the favour or disfavour of various gods. You have to solve the riddle of the Sphinx. I’d like to say this was a perfect game, but the best I can say is that it’s very good. There are some weaknesses in it that slightly spoil it for me. For the most part they seem to be failures of imagination or minor errors in the research of the game designer.

1. When you’re dealing with gods, monsters, dragons, lions, boars, hydras, and the like, you don’t need to use mice, rats, blobs, and boulders as part of your monster menagerie.

Theseus didn’t have to kill rats to make his way through the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, nor did he have to dispose of any blobs. For the same amount of programming effort, Smith could have included wolves and chimerae as additional monsters; both of which would be true to Greek mythology and to the game’s theme of heroism.

2. There are a few errors in the text that are totally unnecessary. Achilles gained his invulnerability from being dipped in the Styx, not by being burned and then being restored with ambrosia. If you’re going to tell the myth tells it right. Aeneas escaped from Troy so that his descendants could found the city of Rome, not Troy as is said in the text.

3. While Greek mythology is used as the basis of the game, it is often portrayed inaccurately, and with scant attention to the importance of women in it. Helen of Troy and Penelope of Ithaka are no better than puppets waiting to be rescued. Major figures like Medea and Ariadne don’t appear at all. (Actually, Medea is in the game. You can talk to her in Colchis, but she has no active role.) There are plenty of other misconceptions and inaccuracies. Play it as a game, but don’t think that it substitutes for actually reading the myths themselves.

A few other things should be mentioned. Error-handling is superb. I couldn’t make an error with this game, except in judgment. Documentation is excellent. Thirty-one pages that thoroughly explain the game and the unusual names that you will see throughout.

ROH will give many hours of playing pleasure, as you can play the game again and All in all, I highly recommend ROH to everyone who would like a graphic role-playing adventure with an unusual flavour to it.

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Playstation 2 Vs. Xbox 360 Review

Sony the great electronic giant and Microsoft the software giant clash head on head in the gaming industry. Playstation 2 vs. Xbox 360 is a fun topic for me because Playstation 2 and Xbox it is going to be hard to choose any one among them. Playstation 2 was in the market before Xbox made its appearance. We should note that Playstation 2 comes from experienced gaming console makers which is none other than Sony who were in this business long back before Microsoft made its appearance.

The gaming platform which PS2 offered attracted a number of gaming titles to PS2. However Xbox 360 has far less games compared with that of PS2. But if we look at online playing capabilities Xbox live is ahead of the PS2 network regarding performance.

Xbox 360 has fantastic online games compared with that of Playstation 2. The games which are fun to play; and with wide varieties to choose from are always available on PS2.

PS2 has two models. The first one a big machine that looks awesome like a tough gaming machine and the second one a slim machine. The first version is taken off the shelf and these days slim versions are more in demand. Huge version never held much heat in them while the slim version heats up fast. Xbox 360 on the other hand is a very cute looking huge machine which has that fun element in it. Xbox 360 has an inbuilt memory while PS2 requires additional memory card to save games while playing.

PS2 is affordable and pretty much around a 100$ , whereas Xbox 360 has three versions. The arcade priced at 200$ , the pro at 300$ , the elite at 400$ . Live capabilities are available only with pro and elite. The games for Xbox 360 would cost at an average of more than fifty dollars. But you can get a PS2 title for around twenty dollars. Other benefit of Sony Playstation 2 is that you can play the games from playstation one as well, just that you have to use the memory card for playstation 1.

Controllers of Xbox 360 game console are wireless and PS2 console has wired controllers. The image qualities in Xbox 360 games are better than the PS2 ones. Xbox 360 has a better graphics rendering engine than the PS2 as it was released at a later date than PS2. So overall it is now time to rate both of the gaming engines.

I would say I would go with PS2 just because you are just satisfied by the games you play with it. It is affordable and liked by most of the people around the world. Better games to play and unique playstation gaming satisfaction. Whereas Xbox 360 is new and in a different class compared with PS2, but still PS2 has its edge over 360 with just its gaming enthusiasts and efficiency, released in 2000 PS2 is still my favorite, and it has just become a valuable antique gaming jewel. This is what I feel about PS2 even after having tried out the Xbox 360.

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for http://www.polomercantil.com.br/

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Retro Arcade Game Review: Nautilus

Nautilus is a fast action game of sub and destroyer warfare. As captain of the Nautilus you are given the job of destroying enemy cities block by block and capturing the proto-pods that lie inside them. Proto-pods give the Nautilus energy that is vital to the engines, defence and life support systems. Above, the destroyer Colossus moves between shore lines carrying repair crews that rebuild the cities you destroyed.

The Nautilus commander must alternate between destroying cities, picking up proto-pods, and keeping the Colossus from reaching the west shore. The colossus depth charges and Barracuda missiles that lock on to your position and relentlessly pursue you. Between the two shores there is a vast underwater cave system in which you must journey through on your way to destroy the cities. Beware though, intelligent Limpet Lurkers materialize in the depths to hunt you out, and electronic locks are activated at the entrances of caves to slow you down. The game uses one or two players, allowing either the computer or a human opponent to operate the Colossus. Each game has a one to nine minute time limit. Though you have unlimited “lives”, it takes five seconds for both the Colossus and Nautilus to be repaired. The Nautilus has an unlimited number of Thunderbolt torpedoes to deploy, which takes no extra energy to fire.

Colossus will drop depth charges and one barracuda missile at a time. Quick reflexes are a must, though, as the Colossus moves between the docks on the east shore to the deployment area on the west at roughly twice the speed of the Nautilus. Colossus gains points for each city-block repaired, and Nautilus for each destroyed. To aid the Nautilus, there is a support helicopter which is constantly bent on damaging Colossus. If Colossus is damaged, the ship is automatically returned to base, then repaired and deployed. The game has nine challenging skill levels and a handicap option which governs the amount of points the Colossus receives, between 10 and 80, for each city block repair. To the beginner, this game is enjoyably frustrating, as even nicking a cave wall will send you crashing to the bottom. With a little persistence, though, you’ll soon find that you can handle even the tightest squeeze.

The graphics are the highlight of the game, with a beautifully scrolling split screen showing the progress of both the Nautilus and Colossus. The underwater world is an excellent concept, creating an exciting adventure in which to explore and play, something that typical single screen arcade games lack. The Nautilus and Colossus are well portrayed on the screen and the sound effects are quite good. Documentation comes in the form of a small but thorough seven page booklet. It gives a player everything he needs to get going, except strategy notes. There is also a small bug in the program which sometimes places an not movable and not destroyable barracuda missile on the ocean surface. Since the Nautilus needs only to go around it, this does not affect the playing of the game to any great extent. Otherwise, Nautilus is very well designed and written.

Truly, Synapse has produced another top rate game with outstanding graphics and intense action.

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FUNNY Review of iphone Game ekibo by Bogdan

Please review this review of this iphone app game ekibo.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

this is video showing you my top 5 online addictive games… Fishy www.arcadetown.com Dirt bike 2 dirt-bike-2.freeonlinegames.com Copter www.public.iastate.edu Sonic www.net-games.biz Yeti olympics jazzyarcade.com