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In the diverse world of PC racing games and Internet racing games you will find racing games off all types involving all different kinds of vehicles and taking place on any terrain in any kind of weather conditions. Auto games may take you and the vehicle of your choice on road to reach the highest speed and win the race or off road to complete the most dangerous and rocky courses and win points.

The world of arcade games, although not as diverse as the world of Internet racing games we know today, always had a great deal to offer to the impassioned player. Arcade racing games like Ridge Racer, Virtua Racing, and Indianapolis 500: The Simulation, Out Run or Gran Track 10 made racing game history long before the personal computer and the Internet became regular parts of our lives. The development of arcade racing games made possible the growth and diversity of the Internet racing games we know today.

The first game to put the player on an actual racing circuit with a time limit and artificially intelligent cars as opponents was Pole Position released by Namco in 1982. Although it was rather limited because of the reduced hardware capabilities this game gained a lot of fans and contributed to the development of subsequent more complex arcade games.

A more impressive 2D game with upgraded graphics was Out Run, released by Sega in 1986, and less than one year later, the first multiple player game, Final Lap, was in the arcades. At that point 3D graphics arcade racing games were only a few years away. Hard Drivin’ released in 1989 by Atari introduced the force feedback wheel that responds when you take faster turns or harder turns, a camera that replays your most impressive crashes and, of course, 3D graphics.

The first of the arcade racing games that was actually acclaimed for its complexity and accuracy was Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. Aside from the 3D graphics already expected from a high quality racing game the Indianapolis 500 featured handling, car failures, setup options and the exact replica of the famous racing circuit bearing the same name. It paved the way for other games simulating real racing circuits like World Circuit by Simergy which re-created all the circuits and cars from the 1991 Formula 1 World Championship or Daytona USA released by Sega in 1994.

A combination of game play and driving became popular in the world of arcade games towards the end of the nineties, when games like Midtown Madness or Crazy Taxi would have the player complete tasks in a limited amount of time and using different types of vehicles.

Even though it was not as developed as the world of Internet racing games, the world of arcade type games showed great creativity and provided the player with hours of driving fun.

Who doesn’t love a good racing video game? Racing video games have been popular since the 1970′s. One great aspect of racing games is that you can play as yourself or as a character. Games can have you racing anywhere from a real race track to a whimsical fantasy land. Whether you are an avid gamer or just a gamer for fun there is a racing game available for you.

Arcade style racing games were invented and released in the early 70′s. Many of these arcade games were single player overhead view noncompetitive racing games. These games allowed the gamer to race against a clock/computer. In the later 70′s video game companies broaden the spectrum to include competitive games where two players could race against each other. Early style arcade games often used black and white graphics. It wasn’t until Sega introduced Monaco GP that color graphics and the vertical view was introduced.

The 80′s brought major innovation to the racing video game genre. Not only were players allowed to drive their vehicles in all directions they were able to compete using the third person perspective. Music was also introduced to the backgrounds of most racing games. Real circuit driving was pioneered by Namco when they introduced Pole Position. This game was a revolutionary racing game in its time. The graphics were featured in a higher resolution and the third person perspective was used. When Pole Position 2 came out they added improvements. Players were now allowed to pick the course they were interested in racing on. Along with that feature came greater detailed graphics.

Racing simulators became all the rage starting in the early 90′s. Papyrus Design Group launched the game Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. The game was based off of the actual race track. Not only did it offer 3-D graphics you had set up options, car failures and handling issues. Sega was the first company to introduce multi-player machine linking with their Virtua Racing in 1992. If fantasy racing was more your style, Nintendo introduced the ever popular Mario Kart. The bright colors, colorful environment and recognizable characters made franchise history.

In today’s era video game companies are full speed ahead with racing game development. Racing games have become ultra realistic and competitive. Yes you can still find fun racing games like Cars the movie and Super Mario Cart to play around with. Although they now offer more of a free racing style with courses that allow racers to drive all over the course. Today the buzz has become all about Forza Motorsport 3 introduced by Turn 10 Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. The game has over 400 cars available for players to customize and 100 plus tracks to race on. The Forza 3 tool features the ability to paint the vehicles and upgrade race cars. If you are an online racing gamer you’re even allowed to set up a store front to create car designs to sell to other players.

Gaming through the decades has defiantly come a long way. Yes customizing cars and racing against friends that live miles from you is a thrill but I still like some old school Pole Patrol. When you take a look back on history and see how far the video gaming world has come it is hard to imagine the future. With features like the Forza 3 car set up tool I can only envision what the world of video game racing will be ten years from now.

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Video games today have become too complicated for the taste of old-school gamers. The games that have been getting much attention are those that actually require you to play long hours and you still won’t get to the bottom of things. Thirty hours of playtime and you still are barely scratching the surface. Perhaps the complexity of the video games today satisfies the need for more challenging games. This is quite understandable considering that majority of gamers are young and it takes a really engaging game to keep their attention. Anything less than complex is bound to be removed from their playlist. While the new games are raking in millions, there’s one game genre that continues to be popular despite the relatively simpler game mechanics. If you play race car games, then you know how very addictive they are. Sure, it’s just a game where you need to race to the finish line, but it takes mad skills to do that. Not everyone is gifted in the ways of car driving and wheel maneuvering, whether in real life or in virtual life. The great thing about the car racing genre is that regardless of how old the game is, people will always have the urge to try the game. It takes little to no prodding to make them race with another player.

The thrill of being behind the wheels of a souped-up car gives a feeling of invincibility. Besides, it’s the safest way to enjoy racing without having to worry about injuries in case of a fatal crash. Another appeal of the genre to those who play car racing games is that they can choose the types of cars that they can’t get in real life, no matter how hard they try. Owning a race car even in the virtual world is treated quite an accomplishment. If you are just starting to play race car games, you will realize the various types of games you can choose from. Old school gamers find comfort in the arcade-style of games. They may be graphically inferior from the new games of today but they are still quite fun to play. The thrill of playing arcade-style racing games is in the ability to race with other players using multiplayer options. It doesn’t matter if you play with a real person or a computer, the point is that the game is a competition and your main goal is to get to the finish line first. Gamers who had no interest in arcade-style games had a change of heart when they start to play car racing games that mimic their favorite race car drivers in the Formula One, NASCAR, and similar franchise. With race cars getting the professional treatment, the car racing game genre has started to enjoy immense popularity.

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If you own a PC or a laptop then chances are that you also have access to internet facilities. The internet has revolutionized the world. Through internet connection, the world has become a global village. Time and distance are no longer a factor; people connect at the simple click of a button. There is a lot of information, social networks and applications all aimed at connecting people and improving how things are done. Online gaming is slowly becoming a fad. People are bound to get tired and bored while carrying out their businesses online. What a better way to unwind than engaging in thrilling adrenaline filled online games.

If you are looking for games that are devoid of sexual and violent connotations making them healthy for not only the young but also the young at heart, then free online racing games are what you need. Car racing games are very popular amongst gamers as they do not involve a lot of knowledge and control procedures. Unlike some games that leave you drained and feel more tired than you were before you started playing, car racing games are easy, fun and simple. All you need to do is to log on to the internet, open a free gaming site and you are good to go.

Of course, these games can also be played using video game applications such as play station and Xbox but this would mean actually buying or renting such video games. Why spend money when it is so convenient to access free online racing games. Another advantage of playing the games online is that the games do not have to be saved on your computer since there are no download or installation procedures required. There are many gaming sites in the internet common example being Shockwave and Motor Arcade. All you need to do is to search, then pick a free gaming site of your choice and view the available car racing games. Most games give the player an option to play against the computer or a real opponent. Some have cash incentives for winners.

Most games have an array of cars with different functionalities and performance capabilities. The control keys in any free online racing games are quite basic and simple to master; so learning the game will not be a problem. Some games also come with demos for better understanding and grasp. For parents, it is advisable to be aware at all times what your children are doing online. Monitor the games they are playing and ensure that they are within their age limits. It is important for gamers not to give out personal information because so many dangers lurk on the internet. This not only applies to children but also to grownups; enjoy your racing games but do so without getting exposed to any danger.

Exercise appropriate caution and you are sure to have a nice time playing free online racing games. So, the next time you are bored and looking for something to cheer you up, try a car racing game for thrilling virtual entertainment. is one of the fastest growing destinations to play free games online including fighting games, puzzle games, motorcycle games, kids games, bike games, free online racing games , driving games, card games and more.

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