Question by Hayley: What’s the best place for free online video games (without annoying ads!)?
My two kids just got their own pc. I want to let them play simple free online arcade games (like dressup, puzzle & girlie games or action & adventure pc games for the boy ) but i dont want to expose them to adult ads. Also i remember to have seen fun memory and skills games somewhere, which i think can be a benefit for my children. But i forgot the name of the site and i cant find it anymore. HELP!

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Answer by tisdave
I would recommend as there aren’t as many adverts as other sites. Enjoy! (This site also has strategy games, for help with education)

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Question by Jessica: Is there a place or website that buys used arcade games in california?

I have hundreds of used arcade video games that i do not use anymore and i would like to sell them. and i wanted to know if there was somewhere that would buy them from me.

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Answer by fawdown
Be specific.

Are you talking about actual coin op arcade games, or those for a home console?

Either way, if you browse craigslist, you will see quite a few ads for arcade machines.

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Question by Beni, is behind the Wall of Sleep: Where is a good place to buy arcade joysticks for fighting games?
I want a ball top joystick that is not too expensive but will still do a fairly good job. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Alex K
i would say the fleamarket

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The Philippines shopping malls are regarded to have a wide variety of shopping items. A place where you can find just about anything, Manila is heralded as the most famed spot in the Philippines where travellers can have the ultimate experience of Philippine shopping.

Hailing as the shopping capital, the city is nestled amidst the cluster of islands, where guests can simply stroll around the lanes, searching for numerous plazas and shopping malls located throughout the city. These shopping destinations have mushroomed around the metropolis, especially over the recent years. Scattered around the capital, perhaps of the best place to embark on an authentic Manila shopping journey is at Robinson Place Manila.

The largest mall in the Robinson chain of malls, Robinson Place Manila is also deemed to be the biggest shopping mall in the Philippines. Built by John Gokongwei, it began construction in 1995 and was launched to the public in 1997. Situated in the heart Ermita-Malate, travellers can find the mall behind Philippine General Hospital and the University of the Philippines.

Initially built during the 1980′s, the shopping mall has gone through many renovations and reconstructions over the years. Originally, its location was at the Ateneo de Malina University campus. However, it was relocated to Loyola Heights where its infrastructure was redeveloped into a huge shopping complex, reaching an estimate of seven levels. Housing more than 350 shops, touched by the local flair of hospitality and style, these shops include clothing stores, entertainment facilities, dining outlets and service centres.

Encompassing an additional wing to its structure, the Padre Faura Wing was launched to the public in 2000. The June opening brought on more popularity to the shopping mall, as it rose amongst the ranks to become one of the premier shopping destinations in the Philippines, offering the finest comforts and the best convenience to the shoppers. Gaining reputation for its myriad of offers, the mall further expanded its structure to contain more dining and shopping facilities to the people. In 2008, the construction of the Midtown Wing was officially completed, thus cementing the recognition of the mall being the largest of all the malls in the city, including the Robinsons Galleria as well.

Featuring an indoor theme park called Dream Town; the mall has a variety of impressive shops including Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Department Store and Handyman Hardware Store. Other features include seven state-of-the-art cinemas, fountains, scenic elevators and a food court. In addition, there entertainment outlets including a bowling arcade, a bingo venue and a billiard centre for a fun-filled day.

If you are searching for a Manila apartment, one name that would come to mind is Ascott The Residence Makati. Staying in such a Manila serviced apartment will allow guests to indulge in its luxurious settings, designed to suit your needs.

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