Galore years ago there were smooth arcade games that could be played simply by compressing a few buttons on a controller. In today’s technologically advanced world there are so galore ways in which a someone can sport their idolized arcade game: in an arcade room, on the computer, or on a game box cabinet. Possibly one of the most modern eccentrics of arcade games out of those selections is the online arcade games that can be played.

Virtually any eccentric of arcade game can be acted as on the internet: first-person shooter games, warfare games, action arcade games, and even team shooter arcade games. Of course, those are entirely a few of the types of games that can be noticed on the internet and there are spate of websites that one can function to in order to feast their arcade hungering.

Traditionalistic Arcade Games: As we all love to sport them, arcade games tender a entirely¬† deal of play! Whether you desire to sport mystifier or maze games or you desire to ensure small qualities, exquisite much anything is practicable these days in the arcade game industry. Prospects are that everyone recollects Wonderful of the most hot games that initiated out as arcade games: Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and even Donkey Kong. On another tone, Nintendo’s Mario part was first presented in the Donkey Kong arcade game, although he was in the beginning called “Jumpman.” All three of these games, though, not entirely were accessible for commercial expend, but they were besides very roaring with game enthusiasts everyplace.

One remarkable vantage that arcade game enthusiasts realize, notwithstanding, is the presence of the internet. The internet has unquestionably adjusted the manner in which arcade games can be played as well. Extraordinary arcade games, such as the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) like The Lord of the Rings Online or Warhammer Online, sustain fueled galore interactions between all sorts of gamers. All in all, arcade games experience definitely modified dramatically over the years and go on to bestow exalts and exhilaration to the arcade game industry so that everyone can sport them no count where they’re set.

Jolie Smith is a freelance content writer. Her concept for writing on arcade games is to create an interactivity between the reader so that the article becomes a prism through which all can understand the basic aim of online game design. For more info browse Free Arcade Games at

Done on Sept 13, 2009 from 4-6:30pm on an original Donkey Kong TKG4-14 board at my home in New York, NY. I had a flight to catch at 8:20pm and even contemplated ending the game early! I missed the world record held by Billy Mitchell by 12500 points. The score is also 11400 points shy of Steve Wiebe’s official high score. In this video you will see: the last 8 minutes of my game: – sacrificing my spare life on the last barrel board – killscreen and 2 minutes of verifications: – “Nintendo of America” screen – starting a new game to show 3 man settings – reboot of the machine to show no unoriginal chips are installed
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Almost everyone remembers playing arcade when they were young, right? Alright, maybe not everybody as the generation of today have game consoles and PC games to provide their gaming needs. But for those who grew up playing in the arcades, there are times when nostalgia hits us and would want to play those games once more. One problem you may find is that the arcade games that you once played are no longer available. Another problem would be you might seem out of place, with all the younger generation in the arcades and you getting on in years. But there’s a simple solution: play free arcade games online. That way, you’re sure to find and play arcade games that you used to play without going to the actual arcade.


If you’re in doubt as to whether you’ll find the games that you used to play online, then stop your worrying. Nowadays, you can find almost anything in the internet, especially arcade games. At present, there are lots of gaming sites that offer flash arcade games of classic arcade games, so if you want to take a walk down memory lane game-wise, you can easily do so online. It would be easier if you know the name of the game that you want to play. If you want Galaxia or Battle Tank or whatever classic game it is, there should be an online games site that has it in its collection.


Another thing you’ll learn when you play online is you can relate more to the generation of today by being exposed to the games that they play. You can try the shooting games, adventure games and the new puzzle and games that give a new twist to classic games. Aside from that, you get to learn why young people like to play these games, and be hooked on to them yourself.


And another thing, most of the games offered online are free games. No need to spend for tokens, or waiting in line just to play your favorite arcade game. Just go to the gaming site, select the arcade game, wait for it to load, and you can be nostalgic all that you want, and for as long as you want. All you really need is your computer, the internet, and the gaming site. Playing the arcade games that you loved when you were younger is so easy when you play them online.


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There are many ways to advertise without putting out a lot of cash. Use these tips to your advantage. Modify them and make them your own. Just remember that the only way to succeed with your business is to do something.

No one has ever found success by doing nothing.

1. Put your website on notepads, pens, newsletters, bumper stickers, coffee cups.

2. Flyers – When you buy your morning newspaper, slip some flyers into the rest of the newspapers.

3. Business cards (You can make up your own or get them free through VistaPrint)

4. Article marketing is one of my favorite method of advertising. If you write articles and then use a service to publish them, your articles become viral.Your articles will spread like a virus and could have the potential to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

5. Participating in online discussion forums is an excellent way to get the word out about your business – and it is free. Build relationships first and use your signature file to let everyone know what you do and who you are.

6. Free classifieds

7. Targeted ezine advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business.

8. Paid ads – such as solo ads. Test, test, test. Your success depends on your ad and your heading!

9. Mail out postcards.

10. Purchase leads that are targeted and related to your business. If possible get their phone number and followup.

11. Bookmarks for libraries, don’t forget to talk to your librarian first.

12. Purchase cheap seed packets, put a tag on them with your website as well as a saying like, I am in the business of helping people grow.

13. Use your knowledge and publish a newsletter or ezine. One your build up your list you can offer paid subscriptions or ads.

14. Word of mouth (friends and family)

15. Forwarded emails – Add your testimony to your signature line.

16. Buttons

17. Pens to hand out with a short advertisement and your URL.

18. Welcome baby cards for hospitals.

19. If your domain name is a string words, try capitalizing each. This helps people who just take a quick glance remember it.

20. Create an information type handout that briefly explains your business.

21. When you go to a garage or yard sale, ask if you can leave a few of your flyers there.

22. Community Colleges. Every student needs a part time job.

23. Put a business card in all outgoing mail including anything that has a postage paid envelope.

24. Visit establishments you do business with (doctor offices, health food stores, karate/dance studios, etc) and ask if you can leave flyers.

25. Car magnets – You can put magnets all over your car.

26. Promote your business for free in local magazines, newspapers, community newsletters, etc. Many rely on voluntary writing contributions. Translate your knowledge into an article. It is free advertising and an effective way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

27. Leave your business card in restrooms at restaurants or on cork boards around grocery stores.

28. Get a booth at school events and share what you offer.

29. Look into putting an ad in school sponsored publications (directories, PTA booklets, etc). Usually not to expensive.

30. Set up a free giveaway box in any store that will give you permission.

31. Post flyers at apartment complexes if they will allow it.

32. Place flyers under windshield wipers of cars.

33. Newspaper classified ads are cheap and effective. Ask about having your ad appear with a color background to make it stand out even more.

34. Buy a pre-inked, personalized stamp and put your ad on it. Stamp the back of any envelopes that you mail out.

35. When it comes to advertising and marketing, repetition plays an important part in your campaigns success.

36. We all get junk mail with the postage paid envelopes. Just send a flyer back to the company and use their return envelope.

37. Personalized T-shirts

38. Make up Gift basket raffles for Church bazaars, concerts held during summer, at your local community hall, or any town function. Do not forget to put your business card or some other advertisement in the basket.

39. Put flyers on car windshields at your kids sporting events.

40. Leave a business card with your tip for your waiter/waitress.

41. Reply to spam email with your own business advertisement.

42. Give your business cards to friends and family and ask them to give them out to people they know who would be interested in part time income.

43. Put up flyers at the local colleges, libraries and grocery stores.

44. Ask your local chinese takeout if you can post a flyer in their window.

45. Create a post it stack of your business cards with a glue stick and then post them at pay phones, etc.

46. Business cards with a magnetic back really stick in people’s minds as well as on their refrigerator.

47. Leave business cards by the change machine in the mall arcade or at the ATM machine.

48. Put your website address on your sun visor using vinyl letters.

49. Find an old metal tin (or new), put a magnet on the back, put your business cards in them and then just attach this to your car when you go into a store.

50. Be different and get noticed. When you are unique then you are one step ahead of your competition.

There are many ways to promote your business without spending a fortune. Think outside the box. Most people notice things that are different, something that draws their attention or even makes them laugh.

Keep it simple, keep it cheap and before you know it your success will be achieved without going broke.

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli

Joe Rispoli has been involved in online marketing for over 10 years. He would like to invite entrepreneurs to start using his online marketing information and free advertising resources to help promote their home business.

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You will find several new games available online and nearly all of them come in 3D version, you might want to think about Ms Pacman, another sequel from the famous arcade game Pac-Man, if you find it quite worth your efforts to experience playing the classic games you played via arcade before. The difference of the game is that this time around, other than a male character you are going to be playing with a female character. In its early arcade year, Pac-man was one of the preferred games of all, so why not try playing the game online and help the female version get out of those ghosts and have the dots?

In case you haven’t played the female version of Pac-Man before, you do not have to worry because the game is quite similar to its original version however there are a few differences that you may have to consider. Ms Pacman moves faster around the maze compared to the original version of the game. this time around the walls aren’t as hollow as it had been before, but have become stuffed with various colors which make it more fun to look at. There are also differences in the mazes seem like and also the movement of the ghosts.
You may even find other kids games online that happen to be according to a classical arcade setting apart from this classic arcade game. Without having to install them from a disc, you can get easy access to these online games is what makes it. Sometimes it does get a bit tiring to play new games attempting to learn their mechanics which changes from time to time. We can now take pleasure in the same old games that we weren’t able to get a chance to play with for a long time ago through having access to these classical games online.

By just having to visit the internet and check out a site which offers free access to online games, we’ll need to thank technology in making it possible for us to take pleasure in arcade games. You can now introduce these classic games to them since kids nowadays may not be familiar with these arcade games that we’ve played back then and instead of going for the more complicated ones, they might just take pleasure in playing these simple games.

Visit today to play Ms pacman for free on your computer! We also have a massive selection of funny games, there is something for everyone!

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She’s a bit of an ugly one, but has a heart of gold. A video overview of my unrestored Ms. PacMan video arcade game machine.

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Today, online game has become a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. Internet is no longer only used by adults for emailing, chatting or playing games; in fact, varieties of games are available for children as well. Certainly, it is the best way to keep your kid busy in the online games. However, you don’t have to bother about their safety, since they can play it from the comfort and convenience of home. The excellent choices available on the World Wide Web will surely overwhelm you and your kid.

Indisputably, the online kids games can help you in the cognitive development of your child. Along with the traditional education, it is essential to nurture fine motor skills. These skills are related to coordination of eyes to wrist or hands; however, these skills are enhanced with the usage of computer keyboard. This exciting online world of games encourages your kid to learn many things including alphabets, number, words and other information. Isn’t it amazing? Nowadays, hordes of people are getting magnetized towards these games, looking at the advantages it has to offer. All you require to do is, go online and locate the best online service provider. With the elevation in popularity of such games, number of reliable service provider is also increasing.

With the each passing day, this world is becoming more techno savvy. Your kid should not stay behind in the world of advancement. Don’t restrict them to play games online. Allow them to enjoy the blessing of technology. But, this should be done under right supervision and with the right choice of game. These games are not always meant for fun. In fact, they can enhance the mathematical skills or puzzle solving skills of your child. There is some flash game available on puzzles. Basically, they focus on the conceptual and logical challenges. It can be a boon for your kid to enhance his learning skills.

It is an undeniable fact that internet has brought many facilities for us from comfort to entertainment. In the field of gaming, arcade games are traditional games. Now, they are available for kids as well. But, these kid games don’t involve high extent of violence. They are designed just for their entertainment. There are different arcade games such as bunny troubles, dead roads, street-fighter etc. Your kid can avail the facilities of arcade scripts demo, and master the game. It helps him to understand the concepts and basics of game. Amongst all these, bunny trouble is highly popular fun arcade game among kids.

However, there are uncountable online games for kids on the virtual world of internet. Your son or daughter will definitely find a game of his/her choice from the broad spectrum of games available. Interestingly, you can enjoy the benefits of Proarcadescript demo. These free game trials cost you nothing. Why are you waiting then? Check out the germane online resource on internet. Hurry up!

Marck A. is the author of this article on Online Games. Find more information about Play Games here.

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In these internet technology days, most of the people are interested to play online games from their comfortable home. There are so many websites are offering these online games and most of then are having the biggest resource to play the best online free flash games. Most of these online games are extremely popular and these games are expanding in the online world. In earlier days, video games are so much popular and now most of the people are so much excited with these online games. Most of the video games are made for only kids and these online games are enjoyable for any kind of age group. There is huge competition in this field, and most of the online games are introduced in the internet and most of these games are flashed based online games.

Depending upon the categories, you are able to select the best one include sports, action, shooting, puzzle, strategy, adventure, arcade, lifestyle, news, holidays, and lots more.  Most of the manufacturers of these online games are interested to use flash games and most of them are taking the privilege to provide the best options to play these exciting online games for free of cost. For this instance, you need to be an expert in computers, and you need to have a little bit from it. There are so many web sites are offering wide range of games that will be definitely suitable to your style. However, most of the game sites are having reviews and ratings of this flash based free games and then try hands on them.

With the advent of internet technology, the way of communication is changing its way to a new world. Blog networking is one of the best and perfect, and it is owned by the same person. There is so much blog software is available in the internet, with this you are able to create unlimited free blogs. For example, if you want to create a blog network having almost fifty blogs, you need to create them all with the software. Finally, there are some well established and experienced web sites are offering these free online games, blog network to their clients. For more information and details, please visit their valuable website. an online community dating that provides you the perfect one you want in your life.Here you can find the best online dating communities with relationship advices.register yourself for free at our website

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Value Your On the net Time While You Play Game
Following an extended hectic busy day, picture play games is now regarded as an important element to relax your frayed nerves, scorched eyes and tired ears. Actively playing movie video game is considered as a single certain inside biggest way to obtain entertained oneself. In contrast to traditional video clip games, one of the most current for the whole on-line games have brought revolution in numerous segment of culture. Getting an problem of truth, these internet dependent video clip games may well be played amongst youngsters, youth, and expert as well as aged men and women. Even though talking about for the internet video clip video game titles, you can find a lot of movie games for everybody, as they’re blended although utilizing regal of redefined pleasant, alluring exhilaration and inside nut shell epitomizing the lighter side of existence.

The net is considered as the biggest device for your avid players, youth and children in discovering newest and lucrative on-line games. The on-line play video game titles ranges from action and adventure to puzzle and arcade on the net games. Moreover, on the web games dependent for your sports, method or shooting frequently appeal towards the buyers with new altitude of thrill and exhilaration. The huge array of on-line online game is no longer confined to action or board online game, but around the whole picture online game planet has opened even up for your Casinos. Among really a couple of on the internet games, some of them are interactive in nature as they make it feasible for your player to conduct with anybody across the entire world. Consequently, depending upon the alternative and preferences, a single certain can pick any on-line online game from a significant choice of standard text dependent video clip games with complex graphics and virtual worlds.

Actively playing in on the net play games might be a brand new thought inside the internet revolution. Some a lot of many years from now, options for obtaining gratifying inside of home are already very restricted. But even though employing tremendous advancement in IT technologies, things have transformed drastically in favor of shoppers. With an outcome of around the internet video clip video game, details have turned to a single certain hundred and eighty degrees. Like an concern of basic simple fact, the consumers can now execute a big quantity of no price online game titles on their pc or laptop, supplied they ought to possess fast world wide web connection. This on-line play games mode is typically accessed, throughout the planet.

The rising recognition around the world wide web flash on the web play games or Macromedia flash video clip video game titles have led to an world wide web revolution. This Macromedia flash picture video game titles inside the net web sites make use of functions for instance streaming media player, audio, plus a total new set of user interactivity. Most around the internet picture video game titles just like World of Warcraft, Last Fantasy XI, and Lineage II are some about the picture video game titles for which consumers are charged a monthly cost for subscribing the providers, even although around the world wide web on-line games which includes Guild Wars do not require any subscription expenses. Some using the for the web movie online game world wide web websites rely on marketing and advertising revenues from on-site sponsors, although other men and women such as RuneScape, allow guys and ladies to accomplish for completely no cost.

The next generation players enjoy actively playing games on-line. They truly really feel these flash movie online game titles will grow to become a usual in community in comparison to board online game titles. Actively playing online game titles on-line is genuinely an authentic gratifying and fascinating, no problem what you carry out. Apart from varied range of video game titles, on-line gaming firms also pay a whole lot attention for that higher high quality of picture online game titles supplied to their consumers and offer them to conduct on-line pages. Actively playing video clip games around the internet brings a massive quantity of revenue to your gaming company.

Other resources: Appreciate Your On the web Time While You Play Game, Value Your On the internet Time While You Play Game,

<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””>Play Game</a> Enthusiast

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Relax With Online Shooting Games

Online Shooting Games are best to play through Internet Connection. While playing it, one can get a great and remarkable way to expand the thinking, attention and interest in it. Online games are for everyone, anybody can play it online according to their choice of shooting game. Online Shooting Games attract the majority of players. It gives you the feeling of real and actual event. As you can see that while playing the game, actions and fun comes consequently. Online shooting games bring the anger and killer instinct in us. These Online Shooting Games give you chance to shoot on target in your computer screen.  The internet presents plenty of gaming options at affordable prices. These games promise a wonderful time pass and some people plays it very seriously and shoot the rivals through the shooting games. The shooting games test the accuracy and aim of the person and then your success depends on how well you aim at your correctness and shoot. Sometimes you see that these games use joysticks and fake guns with sensors. Online shooting games have a distinction of engaging the gamers. It is one of the most highly developed games of all times in which when you shoot your enemy no one lives forever so an individual can shoot enemy easily. So, you must try online shooting latest games for enjoyment and fun.

While playing online shooting games, people feel relaxed. There is lot of benefits of online shooting games because you can easily improve and recover your focus and concentration levels in it. As these days, lots of people go to gaming sites then they select their choice of shooting games. As there are different types of shooting games but some of the latest games in shooting is multiplayer shooting games. Multiplayer shooting games are some of the most attractive and charming online games you can involve in it ever in life. As very few people understand and grasp the fact that online multiplayer shooting has been around for quite some time. The main concept of multiplayer shooting games really becomes so popular. In shooting games, mostly people give more preference to multiplayer shooting games. People get curious to see the style, concept and design of multiplayer games to they get attract towards it. Shooting games is an immense way to ease your frustration. It is best method to release your anger on an enemy through playing online multiplayer shooting games. Mostly, you see that online shooters get progress through some levels and stages in shooting games and they take points in it while shooting the enemies. So you can simply and easily enjoy online shooting games at home or outside as well.

Webgameawards offers free online games which you can easily play on internet. There are many online games you see like Shooting Games, Fighting Games, Action Games and Storm Hawks Games etc. But mostly people prefer Online Shooting Games for fun and excitement.

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Miniclip Games That Have Made an Online Niche

The abundance of innovative and fun filled games being released each day by miniclip, can turn the online gaming experience an addictive one to the average unsuspecting gamer. Check out the latest motorbike games by miniclip and you are sure to find out why.

With the amount of online games available you could find yourself becoming very addicted to the many miniclip games that are available. When you decide to play games that are designed as miniclip games you will quickly discover that these are very addicting games to play.

Throughout the online world there are many gaming sites available and when you find a good one you are bound to stick with this site as they carry just about every game you want to play. There are various miniclip games available for you to play including some of the following games:

Miniclip Rally
Red Beard
Tennis Ace

These are just a few of the miniclip games available and you will probably find that these batches of games are truly addictive games to play.

Most people find themselves sitting at home with nothing to do so they begin searching on the Internet for something interesting to do and find themselves playing arcade games online. They are a great option if you are not looking to pay to play some games especially with the many free games.

You’d never expect yourself to become addicted to online games, but you will once you try out a few of the miniclip games. They are not only a lot of fun, but they can be quite interesting at the same time.

You are offered many different options as for the games you’d like to play. You can play miniclip games, or just your regular arcade games that you grew up with. The option is entirely up to you.

Do you remember playing your very first gaming system and you had the classic motorbike games? These types of games were very popular in the last 80s’ and it seemed that everyone wanted to play them. It can be hard finding gaming systems now that will run these kinds of games now so by playing online you can find these free addicting games all over again.

Don’t find yourself registering with gaming sites that charge you money when you can play the exact same games through Addictive Games Online who are offering you an abundance of games ranging from your average miniclip games all the way to you arcade town games. Search around for the truly classic game “Bubble Trouble 2″ or just play your regular miniclip games, the options are endless.

With the huge collection of games offered online for free you are bound to find something you grew up with. Find the perfect games that will keep you amused for hours all through the wonders of the online world.

Online gaming is taking storm all across the world and you want to find all the best games around. There are many addicting games throughout many gaming sites, but nothing like what you’d find at Addictive Games Online. They offer you some great free addicting games that will keep you amused for many hours to come. Find your favourite miniclip games today and you’ll never be bored again.

Engage the most exciting bike games online. Find the latest free bike games in the ‘Bike Mania’ series and other Bike Games free.

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Dungeon Fighter Online is an MMORPG arcade-style PC game developed by Neople in Korea. In South Korea, it is released as Dungeon & Fighter and in Japan, as Arad Senki. Dungeon Fighter Online is extremely popular in Asia because of the PvP aspect of the game. Dungeon Fighter Online PvP Leagues have been televised in Korea and is still being televised. It was also featured in World Cyber Games 2009. Although there are various versions of Dungeon Fighter Online, in this article, we’ll be focusing on Dungeon Fighter Online published by Nexon in North America.

Dungeon Fighter Online has six different classes and each of those classes has 4 subclasses each (except for Priests, which has 3 subclasses). The six classes are: Slayer, Fighter, Male Gunner, Female Gunner, Mage, and Priest. You can find more in-depth information about them on the wiki,, so I’ll just give a brief introduction to each of the classes. Slayers are melee attackers that usually use swords. They are very balanced class overall since they have good attack damage, defense, and speed. They have a lot of intricate combos that they can perform very easily. Fighters are very close-range melee attackers. They use short-ranged weapons like tonfas, boxing gloves, gauntlets, etc. Although they lack range in their attacks, they compensate that with their extremely high attack damage.

Male Gunners are like the “archers” of MMORPGs. They can attack their enemies from far away with their guns. They are agile, but they lack defense, which means that they can be killed with a few combos. Players that should play male gunners must be able to evade attacks well. Female Gunners are just like male gunners except that female gunners are just faster and have less HP. Most of their skills are similar to the male counterparts, but there are a couple of differences. The major difference is that female gunners are extremely slow when throwing the G14-Grenade skill, which makes them a lot more vulnerable in PvP. So most female gunners tend to be offensive rather than defensive like the male gunners because female gunners lack defensive skills.

Mages are extremely small female casters. Because of their small stature, they rely on magic to attack their opponents. Although they lack physical attack strength, their magic attack strength is the highest out of all classes. Another thing these mages lack is defense. Their defense is very low, which makes them extremely fragile. However, Dungeon Fighter Online has decided to give mages a chance to win in fighters by giving them a skill called Mana Shield. Mana Shield absorbs certain percentage of the damage taken and reduces the mage’s mana points instead of health points. Priests are muscular melee class fighters. They are the largest class in terms of stature (but not the tallest) and they wield weapons like scythes, crosses, and totems, which are almost as big as the priests themselves. Because they’re so large, their speed is a bit slower than most of the other classes, but they compensate for this through their high health points, which allows them to tank through many hits to go in for the kill.

Now that I’ve described the classes, I want to discuss the gameplay of Dungeon Fighter Online. There are two different aspects to the game, much like other MMORPGs. The two aspects are Player vs Environment and Player vs Player, more commonly known as PvE and PvP. Let me explain PvE of the game first since it is what you’ll be doing until you’re high enough level to PvP. One diffe rent thing about Dungeon Fighter Online compared to other MMORPGs is that Dungeon Fighter Online has a system called Fatigue Points. All players in Dungeon Fighter Online have 156 Fatigue Points and the player consumes one each time he goes into 1 room of a dungeon. After using all the Fatigue Points, players can no longer dungeon. And dungeons are where players can gain EXP to level up. Each dungeon has monsters, a boss, and specific quests that players can fulfill for extra EXP. In these dungeons, players can party with other players (with maximum of 4 players in one party) to defeat bosses of higher levels.

When a player has used up all of his Fatigue Points, he will usually turn to PvP. PvP aspect of Dungeon Fighter Online is what makes this game so popular in Asia. PvP is extremely addicting and many players love to PvP on hours end. Anyone interested in Dungeon Fighter Online PvP should go visit a DFO Planet Wiki or a DFO Forum¬†to learn more about it because PvP is extremely difficult to master. To be able to PvP well, the player must have a well-thought out PvP build, learn all skill timings, learn all skill timings of other classes’ skills, have extremely efficient combos, and have fluid movements.

Well, I hope you found the article to be helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions on DFO Planet Forum. And don’t forget to visit DFO Planet at It’s a great resource for new players and veteran PvPers alike. The resources and references I’ve used are the Dungeon Fighter Online Wiki, Wikipedia, and various youtube videos at

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