As people continue to seek for convenience, more and more technologies are invented. One of these technologies is the vending machine. Vending machines come in different types as they are made for different purposes.

1. Cold and Frozen Vending Machines

This cold and frozen vending machine is capable of vending ice cream, pies and other frozen foods. Typically, its features include triple pane heated glass that eliminates condensation or frost. There is also an adjustable self-defrosting cycles for a fast cool down and recovery. This machine is a great advantage especially to those who crave for desserts. Like most vending machines, they can accept both coins and bills.

2. Bulk Vending Machines and Stands

These machines come in variety of sizes and styles and they are entirely mechanical. Operation is done by placing coins and turning a knob or pulling a lever. They can vend candies, chocolates and gum balls. Bulk vending machines are usually found in department stores and malls where they can attract children and passersby.

3. Coffee or Tea Vending Machines

This vending machine has a state-of-the-art brewing system and precise ingredient control to satisfy every customer’s preference. In addition, it has instant or fresh brew configurations to dispense a broad menu of specialty coffees and teas. With this vending machine, customers can drink their favorite coffee in just one touch.

4. Office Supplies Vending Machine

If one forgets to bring a pen or pencil in a very important appointment, there’s no need to panic. These office supplies vending machines can be found in public libraries, campuses, airports, and other locations where office workers and students are likely to go. They display stamps, pens, pencils, paper, USB flash drives and other important office and school supplies. These machines are easy to load and dispense but the items are usually a little more expensive than those in bookstores and convenience stores.

5. Drink and Snack Stands

Snacks and beverage vending machines are among the most common vending machines. They are usually found in schools, offices, hospitals, airports and gasoline stations. This combo machine features adjustable trays allowing configuration for the top selling products. People can buy varieties of snacks and drinks, from Potato Chips, to cookies and candy. The soda drink side of the machine vends both cans and bottles. Most of these machines can accept both coins and bills.

6. Entertainment Vending Machines

Customers don’t need to buy DVDs to watch their favorite movies because the entertainment vending machines are found in most fast food chains, restaurants, near entrance of department stores and convenience stores. These machines typically hold more than 500 DVDs. They become popular because they offer quick and cheaper entertainment. This self-service machine is combined with interactive touch screen, a robotic disk array system and a web-linked electronic communications. The customer pays with a credit or debit card and returns the DVD on the next day. Additional charges are applied if DVDs are not returned on their due dates.

7. Pay Phones

Payphones are public telephones that people can access in public places such as airports, train stations, malls, casinos and street corners. Payments for calls are done by inserting coins, phone cards, debit cards or credit cards. Although the use of payphones has declined due to the increased usage of mobile phones, payphones are still useful for some people who need to place local calls in times of emergency or those who simply don’t like mobile phones.

8. Change Machines

These machines are usually found in laundry shops, restaurants and department stores. Although most of these machines provide bill-to-coin change, some of them accept credit cards or do bill-to-bill change. Operating the machine is quiet simple. You just need to insert your bill and make the necessary selections as possible; then your change is already right there in front of you. Some machines just dispense quarters and are easier to operate.

9. Crane Machines

Also called claw cranes, grab machines or teddy picker, these machines can be found in supermarkets, video arcades, malls and bowling alleys. These machines consist of credit or timer display, joystick, power supply, PCB, bridge assembly and claw. They also consist of prizes like toys, shirts, electronics and hats that can be seen through the glass. The machine can be played by putting coins or tokens into it. This will allow the player to manipulate a joystick that controls the claw for a period of time. The player can move the claw back and forth, up and down and sideways. By doing so, the claw can grip the intended item. If the player is successful then the item is dropped into the opening and dispensed through a hole. Crane machines are usually used mainly for fun.

Future of Vending

Vending machines of the future will include sleek designs, ease of use, and many more food and product options. Currently, a vending machine company is testing biometric vending machines that require a customer to tie a credit card to their thumbprint. Customers will use the machines by placing their thumbprint on the scanner, and the user’s credit card will automatically be charged. Another vending machine company is developing a machine that has a 46″ screen comparable to an iPhone touch screen. Customers will be able to check nutritional information before purchasing. No longer will vending machine owners not know what supply is left in the machines until they physically go check them. These vending machines will offer up-to-date supply information helping owners keep up with supply and demand. Vending machines of the future may offer items such as electronics, clothing, alcohol, luxury boutique items, books and magazines, and even bail bonds. They may even include retina scans as a method of purchase. As the vending machine industry continues to grow, so will the options and technology.

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Arcade Machines

Arcade Machines are still being made today by the talked manufacturers , they are still very popular with all age groups. They are corrupted by a wide variety of customers ranging from line to personal clients. This is because they are still one of the best ways to have play playfulness.

Even with mod day games soothes with high tech computer graphics and online communities, the colonnade automobile is still a business firm favourite. One of the principal reasons is because they are unsubdivided and the games are a great fun to play, also they are very addictive. That is why you still see them being used in movie theaters , shopping centres, amusement arcades, and many other businesses.

A lot of people buy these due to the fact that they are nostalgic and make a great focus piece in any games room. They are majuscule playfulness for when your admirers come round and supply times of day of entertainment , and they are also a capital talking point.

Purchasing 1980s expressive style colonnade machines has never been easier, you can buy a made to order one with the game of your selection established. They are not too expensive either making them a very good purchase. The quality of today’s machines is extremely mellow and they are also very long lived, which means they can take a lot of playing prison term .

There are a wide range of classical games available for you to buy , this means anyone can relive their childhood clarence days . The feeling you get from playing on an Arcade Machines For Sale is one that a modern daytime console table can not provide. This is because today a lot of games are just dressed up in fancy computer graphics, and are not as habit forming as the older games.

Most importantly they are lots of fun bringing hours of caliber entertainment . Once you buy one of these unbelievable machines you will be addicted to it. Also you will brush off your hi tech modern games console.

So if you are thinking of making a games room then definitely consider buying one of these. They will perfectly liven up the room, giving it a better tactile property, and also improve the atmosphere. There are many billets you can position the machine in as they can fit in any environment, for example you can place them in your cast , conservatory , garage, and even in the living room.

Make your next purchase one of these awe inspiring arcade automobiles and bring back that retro feeling to your dwelling or business .

Arcade Machines For Sale

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Remember all the great coin-op video and pinball arcade games you played as a kid? Ms. Pacman, Asteroids, Galaga, Joust, Defender… So do we. Thats why we opened the Vintage Arcade Superstore. We specialize in providing the original, full size video arcade games for sale that people can purchase for use in their homes and offices. You can have the games coin operated, or on free play and you get the key too. We have the largest selection of used classic arcade video games for sale and pinball machines for sale in California. Maybe the United States! Our 9000 square foot facility in Southern California houses hundreds of used arcade video games and arcade pinball machines and is open to the public. If we dont have what you are looking for, we can find it for you. Shipping is available anywhere in the US and Worldwide for our arcade game. All of our games are in 100% working order and come with our no worries 90-day warranty, parts and labor. We recondition the games to look as close to new as possible. We know these games you buy are going into your home and that they need to be top quality. We also offer the used arcade games in unrestored condtion for a lesser price. You can get the games to be coin operated, or on free play. Founder Gene Lewin, has 30 years experience with repairing and operating coin operated arcade games and personally play tests each game before it goes out to make sure everything is working perfectly. He got into the arcade business because of his
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Arcade Machines For Sale

If you are appending a recreation room to your current dcor musical theme , the improver of nostalgic Arcade Machines may be just what you need to add a fun flair to your quad. These arcade games were quite the rage during the 1980s, and despite the popularity of home video gaming organizations , arcade machines stay popular today. You’ll find them in the entrance hall at your local movie house, in eating places , in colonnades of course, and in growing numbers in the family recreation or game room across the country and around the world. There are all types of machines that are played in the colonnade, from classical player games like Pac Man or Donkey Kong to pinball machines and more.

Makers of Arcade Machines are not strict when it comes to who can buy one – which means that even though businesses are the main market for these machines, the general public is always welcome to buy one as well. A new colonnade game can cost several thousand dollars. You might also locate some of the more classic machines in vintage retail stores, secondhand shops, garage sales, ticket cut rate sales , or antique storehouses . Another good beginning for games from twelvemonths gone by is, which is an online classified web site where peoples can list commodities for sale.

You can also regain many of the classical arcade games that were typically played in the arcade of the 80s available for modern gaming arrangements . Do n’t be surprised, however, if the modern translations of many arcade games have a device that makes them less than unquestionable , such as the need to play with a exceptional piece of equipment or some other change that detracts from the experience of playing the game as you remember it. There are a number of positions on the Internet where you can play games for free or at little cost, and many of them are quite naturalistic and very similar to the older style one. There is also some fantabulous computer software available on the market that features arcade games that you can play on your personal computer.

The arcade game was developed for playing in an arcade or arcade-like air . No matter how hard the developers of these games work to make game play the same on a computing machine or television screen, the outcome is never the same. For a true arcade experience, arcade cars are unmatchable ! .

Arcade Machines

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More Video Arcade Machines Articles

If you miss some of your favorite classic arcade games, don’t worry. You may be able to still find one. First, however, you should be patient in doing research. It can be quite hard to find one and patience will be needed. Your first option would be from the operators. Operators are the people who present the games that you see in the arcades. You can find a list of operators in the yellow pages in the “Amusement Section”. This is where you can find the best operators in town. Most operators often place stickers with their name and contact information on their machines so that you can contact them anytime.

You can also ask the people who have worked for the local arcades. You can ask them if the classic arcade games you have been looking for are still available. Usually, you can find operators in the “Home Sales” of the Yellow Pages. But the prices are usually higher than those of the original operators so it would be better to shop and look around first.

In looking for your arcade games, remember to keep a cool head. If you have found the classic arcade games that you are looking for, don’t show the operator or the seller that you are too eager to buy it. In fact, ask for a discount!

Another option is from auctions. Auctions are occasionally held around the country. This is where the operators sell their classic arcade surplus games. The ones most interested in buying these games are the operators and collectors. You can find out about auctions in your area by asking those who usually attend them. Some auctions are posted in magazines and bulletins. You may also find fairly constant discussions that relate to future auctions by checking out “Miscellaneous Games” in your local paper. The best resource is to ask an operator directly. If you are in the USA, you have more chances of getting updated because you can obtain a copy of a magazine that contains all the lists and information.

Sometimes, newspapers and local papers are overlooked but the classifieds section is the perfect page to find the games you want. The prices may seem high due to the competition because most of their customers are first time buyers. But even if you are a first time buyer, you can negotiate and have the prices lowered.

The last and easiest option is through the Internet. You can search different sites. You can also register and join the forums where people post their classic arcade games for sale. If you happen to find one, it’s as easy as ordering on line. The waiting for it to arrive is the hard part. Consider these options and find one that fits your circumstance. Remember, don’t pay too much!

Simon Oliver has an interest in Arcade Games. To access more articles on Arcade Games or for additional information and resources visit this Arcade Games related website.

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“I got a pocket brimming with quarters, and I’m headed to the arcade games,” sang Buckner & Garcia in the 1980s melody “Pac-Man Fever.” These days, machines remain gobbling up quarters ‚Äì from time to time 5 or more at a time ‚Äì quicker than Pac-Man can take in those pac-dots. Those quarters can add up quickly, and we typically fail to realize simply how much we have been actually giving into machines. How could you balance a need to let your young ones have a great time on a ride or game now with the desire to save for their future? How you prevent wasting an hour every week working to pay for your snacks from the company’s break room?
First, have knowledge of just how much you’re paying. From time to time treating your youngsters to a coin operated ride at the shopping mall or purchasing yourself a snack from a vending machine won’t hurt you wallet, but if you allow your child to ride every ride every time you pass it or you get three drinks from the work snack machine everyday, you are probably spending more than you realize. Bring only enough change (or dollar bills) to make intended buys, and steer clear of the change-making devices.
Avoid bubble-gum devices that dispense toys. The toys are usually discouraging, and you may be tempted to continue to give quarters in the machine until your little one gets the one she would like. Quite often, these toys are dumped swiftly.
Save the quarters for trips to a family enjoyable arcade. Look for discount codes before you go, and actually use them. Visit when the arcade games center is not occupied to optimize fun for kids. You can enjoy one hour of family entertainment for a few dollars, and you may also get some bubble-gum machine toys as part of the package.
Consider options. If you are a true aficionado of the particular video game (or arcade games generally speaking), you could in fact shell out much less if you purchase yourself a game for home ‚Äì whether or not it’s an authentic arcade game or a gaming system with numerous arcade games is up to you. With your own personal arcade game, you can always have the high score! The same idea relates to food vending machines. If you find yourself regularly paying a lot on food or beverages from snack machines, purchase yourself a supply of treats or sodas to take along to work or school. Those personal treat bags are less costly at the grocery store or wholesale club, and a large bag is even cheaper yet.
Quarters add up ‚Äìthe arcade game industry makes .1 billion in proceeds, according to the internet site of BMI Gaming, a company that sells coin-operated machines. Next time you’re tempted to invest a pocket full of quarters on something, take the time to stop and think first. That arcade game or vending machine may give you a quarter’s worth of amusement, but you could be better saving those quarters for something you are going to appreciate considerably more.

Mark Winston is playing online arcade games so much that he made the decision to comply with his own tips here and launch his very own arcade games site! His hottest favorite is galaxian arcade game

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Question by crujones4life: I have a Super Ms. Pac-man arcade machine, what is the difference between this and other Ms. Pac-man machines?
Specific details please, my title screen says Super Ms. Pac-man

Best answer:

Answer by Jim
Never played Super Ms. Pac-Man, but in Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man could get giant sized. It’s been a really long time since I played that one.
Baby Pac-Man was a cool game, it was part Pinball, part Arcade game. I’d like to have that one.

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Arcade Machines

The wise business owner will look for as many ways as possible to make additional income from his business. Some will establish a coffee room in part of their building while others seek some form of entertainment for customers that must wait for service. Arcade machines may suit your business if it is one of these.

A business such as a Laundromat where customers have to wait while being served is the ideal place to install an arcade game machine. Your customers be able to entertain themselves and so will not be bored while waiting for their laundry to be done. This means they – and others – will choose your Laundromat above another one that has no arcade machine.

A restaurant or coffee shop will benefit from the installation of an arcade machine to keep customers busy while they wait for their food to be cooked.

New machines may be expensive, but you can always buy a used one that is in good condition. If you are looking for arcade machines for sale, you need to go online and find some of the companies that are selling both new and used arcade machines. You should also choose a company that can supply arcade machine parts just in case your machine breaks down.

There are many different types of arcade game machines. You can choose your favourite or ask the rep to recommend the most popular one. You might like to get a video arcade games machine, or a simple gumball vending machine.

But since teens love to play these amusement machines, why not think of buying one for the home? It will be one way of keeping your teens at home where you know they are safe. You may be able to pick up a used machine at a bargain price and save yourself lots of money. For more details visit at

Clive James is an ardent gaming follower. He has also designed and engineered some arcade gaming machines for more than 10 years and now he has his interest in educating people about new gaming tips with his informative articles.

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Monkeys Arcade Machines

Monkeys Arcades provides the easiest and safest way to purchase arcade games and machines for your game room or for personal use. After years in the business we discovered that many of the gaming industry websites were very poorly designed. Most do not even allow you to purchase online. If they do, it is difficult at best. We made the process simple, safe and secure. You know what you want! You do not need to be bothered with excessive game descriptions and lengthy check out procedures. We keep our descriptions to a minimum and have a simple one page check out. Just click, check out and your games are on the way. It?s really that simple.

Bill R. from Romeoville explained, “We shopped for months to purchase the Silver Strike Bowling system. We talked to numerous companies and asked dozen of questions. No one answered our questions and met our needs as well as Monkeys Arcades. Our phone calls and emails were answered promptly and the system arrived in perfect working order. Couldn’t be happier.”

Monkeys Arcades is based in Chicagoland because Chicago has become the capital of arcades, commercial arcade and pinball machines. There are simply more new and used games located in Chicago. Most arcade and pinball machines have been manufactured in Chicago and the outlying suburbs. We are located just minutes away from many factories and distribution centers. We have established relationships with manufacturers and in many cases we can ship right to you, hot off of the assembly line.

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For fast international shipping O’Hare International Airport is 20 minutes away. In the U.S. or abroad we are here to serve you and help you create the game room of your dreams. Feel free to call us toll free at 877-FUN-APE1 or 630-226-5395 with any questions or stop and visit our showroom located at 1203 W. Remington Blvd, Romeoville IL. Our warehouse can be visited by appointment only.


Monkeys Arcades is how to start an arcade family entertainment center. One of the leading arcade distributors in the nation. Browse our selection of pinball machines, arcade games, Megatouch and JVL touch screens, golden tee golf arcade games. Visit us Online at!

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