Question by Vitamin D: Do companies still make new arcade machine games?
I mean in the past couple years or so? Not necessarily arcade machines still being around, but investing in making new sorts of arcade machine games?

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Answer by llaffer
Not as many as they used to. Arcade popularity has decreased overall in the USE since it’s peak in the early 80s (other than the small increase in the early 90′s when Fighting genre games were popular).

Other parts of the world, they are still going strong.

One main reason why Street Fighter IV was released to consoles only in the US instead of having arcade cabinets made like they did in Japan.

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Buying a Pinball Machine

The lure of the flashing lights, the ringing bells, the chance of winning an extra game and testing your skill against a shiny silver ball being hurtled around an enclosed table at warp speed. Ahh yes, there was nothing like my frequent visits to amusement arcades and milk bars to play the pinball machines. They’ve left the milk bars and are almost completely gone from the arcades, but now they’re readily available to buy and put in your own games room at home.

But as with all purchases that involve reasonable dollars, research is a must. There are a few factors that must be taken into consideration when buying a pinball machine, so here are a few tips to consider before you buy your new pinball machine?

Firstly, make sure you’re going for a machine from a big name manufacturer. That‚Äôs not suggesting the smaller manufacturers were dodgy when they brought out their machines, it‚Äôs just that when you inevitably have to find spare parts for your pinball machine it will pay to have the most common. A bumper may wear out and need replacing, you may need the rubber changed. If you go with one of the big names (Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Sega, Williams or Data East) you will have fewer problems finding parts.

Poker Machines are readily available to buy over the internet. You may have had a favourite machine you played in your youth so you know what it is you‚Äôre going to buy. You may have fallen in love with the Meteor or Kiss machine or in my case, Disco Fever, and want one for your own games room. Ensure that if you’re bidding for one on-line you see as many photos of the machine as possible. You‚Äôre trying to ensure that the machine is in as good quality as possible ‚Äì no missing glass, bumpers, etc.

Some of these machines will have been well-used after all, most have been sitting in arcades and other public places and frustrated players have been venting frustrations over them for years. It’s possible that the body of the machine will be scratched or beginning to wear out, particularly the more popular names. However, the more popular the machine, the more likely that parts will be available for them.

Find out, if you can, how new the flippers and coils on the machine are. If anything is going to wear and affect the playability of the machine it’s going to be these parts. Also, try to get a look at the pinball ball(s) in the machine. A less than shining ball could damage the surface of the table and affect the quality of the game you get.

Whether you’re determined to buy a pinball that you remembered playing as a kid or are looking to add another valuable asset to your pinball collection, there is a wide range of machines out there and some of them are at bargain basement prices. Just remember to do your research.

There’s no better place to buy a pinball machine than at Discount Pinball Machines.

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Question by Oz_tin Powers.: How much on average would it cost to ship/freight any early 1980s video arcade machine from USA-London?
Hi everybody..
What is generally the approximate cost of safely having a 1980′s retro arcade machine (pac-man/Defender/Space Invaders etc) shipped from USA-London,UK?..Can anybody reccommend any reputable trusted companies that ship/freight safely and securely from the USA…Does it usually depend on which USA state it comes from?
Can you have the shipment sent to Dover or Southampton,UK?
Thanks,much appreciated

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Answer by Caretaker
No matter what answer you receive here the only real answer is from the courier. I would recommend DHL. I’ve done a return shipment from Singapore to Moncton Canada, 18 tons at $ 98,000 one way. But the biggest problem was handling at transient points.

If cost is not an issue you should pack your machine and let them handle it.

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Arcade Boxing Machine

Punch drunk

Booking an Arcade Boxing Machine for your pub isn’t such a bad idea.

Think violence would flair if you installed an Arcade Boxing Machine in licensed premises? Most rational people would.¬† Plonk an Arcade Boxing Machine in front of a large group of blokes drinking beer, surrounded by girls, and you’d think it’d be a recipe for disaster.¬† Strangely enough, it isn’t.¬† In fact, an Arcade Boxing Machine can have the opposite effect.¬† Rent Arcade Machines and they can decrease violence on licensed premises.

Testimonials from landlords that have hired an Arcade Boxing Machine for their premises seem to support this fact.¬† Therefore, it could make sense to hire an Arcade Boxing Machine for your pub and it’ll be beneficial from two points of view.

It’s the beer talking

How many times have you witnessed trouble in your pub due to the effects of alcohol?  Introduce a fun factor to your premises with an Arcade Boxing Machine and give the lads something else to think about.  There might be friendly rivalry as they try to punch their hardest on the Arcade Boxing Machine but no damage will be done.

Apart from cutting down on violence an Arcade Boxing Machine is a fabulous way of boosting your revenue.¬† You’ll start to reap the rewards of hiring an Arcade Boxing Machine in a very short time and in these uncertain financial times any extra income must be a bonus.

It’s a knockout idea to hire an Arcade Boxing Machine from suppliers who Rent Arcade Machines.

Throw your best punch

An Arcade Boxing Machine can handle it. Featherweight or heavyweight, flyweight or middleweight, it’ll take on all-comers who want to test their punching power. Supplied and installed through amusement companies who Rent Arcade Machines, an Arcade Boxing Machine will increase revenue inside any business it’s placed within. A quality Arcade Boxing Machine can help to cut down on violent acts by channeling people’s aggression, plus it pulls in the punters in the first place.

Want to increase profits, keep customers happy and curb signs of trouble?  Think about hiring an Arcade Boxing Machine on a trial period and see what a difference it can make to your business. specialise in Arcade Boxing Machine . Our machines are of the highest quality and our range is varied. We offer extremely competitive rates to Rent Arcade Machines


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Good Old Arcade Machine Games

Do you remember the good old arcade machine days?

You know, the ones you could play for just 20 cents or 40 cents at the very most?

You’d jump on your bike or catch a bus and head down to your local arcade center. There’d be loads of machines just waiting to be played: Pacman(TM), Space-Invaders(TM), Galaga(TM) and many more. “Ooh, what’s this new game?”

All you needed were a couple of dollars and you could be playing for ages. Sure, the graphics and sound effects were not as high-tech as those produced by today’s machines, but did anyone care?

Those games and many others rated tops on the addiction scale. One of my personal favourites was Galaga(TM). It’s an early 80’s alien shoot-em-up I was hooked on.

Home computers were not very common back in those days. Playing your favourite arcade game on a home computer was not always possible. Even if it was, the quality of the home computer version was sometimes not as good as that of the arcade version.

Things are very different today. The home computer is much more sophisticated. Software has evolved several hundred-fold. The Internet as we know it has come into being. People can now play classic and newer arcade games, as well as sports games, board games and much more at home and for free.

For more information, please visit (Free Online Games). Article is subject to’s

standard terms of use.

For more information, please visit (Free Online Games). This article is subject to’s

standard terms of use.

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Do you like pinball? You might have fond recollections of taking part in pinball at a local arcade or activity center long ago. Now you have made the decision to own a number of of your own personal pinball machines. Congratulations! Owning your own personal pinball machine or maybe starting a pinball machine collection can be a rewarding hobby.

If you’re a pinball machine player, it is likely you recognize that they require regular care and maintenance. The pressure that’s exerted when pinball is enjoyed could cause wear and tear or perhaps harm to your machine. What can you do when you have to mend or replace a pinball machine part? A good plan is to look for a local supplier who appreciates pinball machines and will support you in finding the parts you will need to fix your pinball machine. A local dealer may also point you in the right direction to find out much more information on how to produce the repair or replacement unit. Some of the parts you might need to buy can include switches, lamps, coils, rubber rings, and pinballs themselves. A common reason why your pinball machine might not be working is a blown fuse. You will need to check the backbox, which is under the playfield to find the fuse that may be blown. Before doing this, be sure that the machine is not only off, but also unplugged. You may need a voltmeter to check if each fuse is working or not. It may be possible to get an idea about if the fuse is blown just by looking at it, however, the way to know for sure is with a voltmeter.

A lot of people would rather pay a pinball repair man to help repair their pinball machine. This is also fine, but bear in mind the fact that it’s going to be more costly using this method. Pinball machines are not terribly hard to maintain and fix when you know how. Most pinball enthusiasts take it upon themselves to study how to do the pinball repair and fix the machines themselves, especially since frequent maintenance may be needed. You can also find out about forums online where you can meet other pinball machine enthusiasts and get advice from people who share your same pasttime.

Now that you know more about how to get your pinball machine fixed, you can start enjoying your pinball machine. Pinball anyone?

Silverball Amusements specializes in pinball machines and parts, and video games on consignment. Need a pinball machine part? Check out our wide variety of pinball machine parts at

Love vintage records? We have over 125,000 45 rpm records from the 50′s through the 90′s in stock, in just about every genre. Check us out at

Come visit us at 487 Herring Rd, Princeton, Nc give us a call at (919) 965-8370 to locate a pinball machine part or hard to find record.

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Question by crujones4life: I have a Super Ms. Pac-man arcade machine, what is the difference between this and other Ms. Pac-man machines?
Specific details please, my title screen says Super Ms. Pac-man

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Answer by Jim
Never played Super Ms. Pac-Man, but in Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man could get giant sized. It’s been a really long time since I played that one.
Baby Pac-Man was a cool game, it was part Pinball, part Arcade game. I’d like to have that one.

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A video overview of my original unrestored PacMan video arcade machine.

Mechanized Attack is a really cool light gun arcade game. It is similar to Operation Wolf. It’s even funner with two people playing. This game was not working all the way when I purchased it, with a little TLC I brought it back from the dead. I will not being fully restoring this game, I just wanted to get it working like it’s suppose to. The buzzing sound is mainly coming from the freezer, not so much the game. This game is sold.

How to ship an arcade machine?

Question by yooooo: How to ship an arcade machine?
I am going to sell a 1981 Ms. Pacman machine on ebay. How would I go about shipping the machine and around how much would it cost?

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Answer by Derail
You should limit your sale to the US only. Then use a trucking company who would then combine it with other freight going to that area where it was destined. I don’t know what that would cost. Almost every town’s phone book has a trucking company in the yellow pages.

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