With more and more people having an iPhone, so is the increase in demand for quality and fun applications for it. As the age of ownership of the iPhone getting younger and “savvy-er”, Having really cool games for the iPhone is an era on the rise and an era to watch out for software developers. But where does the future hold for the iPhone gaming world depend on?

The App Store for the iPhone and iTouch has a list of really cool applications that can help either entertain, or help people make life more convenient, but iPhone gaming on the other hand has its own focus.
For the past year, or maybe years, it has shown promise to be in line with the popular gaming consoles in the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

More Practical with the Economic Issues without the Sacrifice of Fun

More people are finding iPhone gaming more practical and less expensive other than some cartridges. I think another reason behind this is that they can enjoy a wide range of games from all genres without paying too much. If a new game is desired, the flexibility of having a new one in a snap is what makes the iPhone gaming really cool and shows a lot of promise.

Fresh Blood

But other than the software developers that we commonly see, the generation that shows another great potential in the iPhone gaming is the rise of the independent software developers. Maybe unknown at present, but the vision of new exciting games from fresh blood is in indeed the next level in iPhone gaming. Remember that the main stream developers nowadays started somewhere, from being independent to where they are right now.

Cost-wise, independent producers can produce the same quality at a lower price while building a name and trust to their soon to be customers. And isn’t it great to have a first hand experience to a really cool game before it goes mainstream?

“Promise of Coolnes

There are many developers out there, and most have that stage of lower quality production because they are just starting. I guess that is where boys are separated from the men. But there are few developers out there that create a “promise of coolness”, and one of those is Beteo Games. You can visit them at BeteoGames.com (http://www.beteogames.com)

Bradley and Bryan Cimo, pursues the applications and games development for Beteo, backed-up with 15 years experience. Indeed, Beteo Games is one of the promising game development companies to watch out.

Companies like Beteo games will show the iPhone gaming aficionados that cool, new and exciting games really come from anywhere. So expect more fun to come to the screens of your iPhone.

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FUNNY Review of iphone Game ekibo by Bogdan

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Frogger iPhone App

The game of Frogger brings back memories for people in their forties. The game was such a classic it was even on an episode of Seinfeld. Who could forget George Costanza wheeling the Frogger across the street trying to save his high game, moving in and out of traffic just like Frogger himself, only to have the game smashed up by a Mac truck. Now Frogger has become a favorite of people of all ages again thanks to the iPhone.

Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, who are also known for games like Silent Hill and Pro Evolution Soccer, Frogger is a game produced in 1981 that many first started playing in the arcade and then in their homes. It has remained popular and you will find Frogger games on various websites throughout the internet even today.The Frogger iPhone app means you can now play wherever you go.

The game was originally going to be called “Highway Crossing Frog” but Sega didn’t feel like this name upheld the nature of the game and decided to change the name to Frogger. Now the name of this game has pretty much become a household name. There is not many people you run into that can honestly say they have never heard of Frogger.

Frogger as an iPhone application is a brilliant idea and apparently a pretty popular one. Frogger ranks as the no. 8 most downloaded app in the iPhone app store. There have been many reviewers who stated that the quality of the iPhone app was outstanding and gameplay compares to the original. While the graphics seem to be improved some reviewers still seem to crave the possibility of being able to change the game screen to the 1980′s retro look of the original Frogger.

From the 1980′s until now, Frogger seems to have stood the test of time in the video game entertainment industry. From the arcade to the playstation, and now from the computer to the iPhone who ever thought that a little green frog jumping in and out of traffic would still be popular a quarter of a century later. Now thanks to the Apple iPhone you can play this classic arcade game wherever you are and wherever you go.

Read a more in-depth review of the Frogger iPhone app here. For more information on the best iPhone apps or to read more reviews of iPhone apps visit AppCraver today. AppCraver is dedicated to iPhone apps, news, reviews and interviews with iPhone application developers.

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ColecoVision to iPhone Games 26

In this ongoing look at significant moments in the history of video game design, we have already taken a look at Nintendo’s Kid Icarus, Electronic Arts’ Mirror’s Edge, Raven Software’s Soldier of Fortune 2 and several others. The goal of this series is to go beyond simple gaming magazines and iPhone Apps, and take a closer look at what defines memorability and quality in game design. In this twenty-sixth part of the series we will examine some more of those classic moments where video game designers undoubtedly got it right and delivered a memorable, enduring and progressive gaming experience.

NBA JAM (Arcade) ‚Äì Developed by Midway and released to arcades in 1993, NBA Jam forever changed people’s expectations of sports games. Before NBA Jam, the players in basketball games were clunky, robotic, poorly animated characters that bared less than even a passing resemblance to their real life counterparts. With the introduction of NBA Jam’s digitized representations of real life figures (a technology also utilized with great success in Midway’s other monster title of that year, Mortal Kombat), along with higher CPU and memory that allowed for more fluid animations, NBA Jam was by far the most playable basketball game of all time upon its release. But, beyond mere playability, NBA Jam had plenty to offer arcade goers of the time.


For starters, NBA Jam made a significant physical footprint in arcades across the world. Its cabinet was absolutely huge, a necessity considering that it allowed for four players to participate in 2-on-2 matchups. It also had a much larger screen than most arcade machines of the time, and its ‚Äòattract mode’ sounds were seemingly always set near the maximum volume levels. While all of these lures proved successful at initiating trial among gamers, it was the actual gameplay and the bonus features that kept players coming back for more.



Very tightly coded, the gameplay in NBA Jam is demonstrative of the phrase ‚Äòa minute to learn, a lifetime to master.’ Not at all difficult to play, the fine balance of knowing when to pass, shoot and how to play perfect defense presented a balancing act that very few players were able to master, yet all who attempted enjoyed. Phrases from NBA Jam such as “He’s on Fire!” (players who had sunk three unanswered shots in a row would become so ‚Äòhot’ that the ball would literally burst into flames”) and “Boom-Shakka-Lakka” remain a part of pop culture to this very day. An often forgotten feature of the game was its ability to store player records. By entering their birthdates and initials, players could maintain win-loss records, and attempt to defeat all of the teams in the game over the course of several weeks or months, rather than in a single sitting.


Featuring every NBA team of the time, Jam was a fully licensed product. Still, that did not stop the developers from loading the game up with secret characters that could be chosen by entering a specific combination of birthday and initials. Hidden characters ranging from Mortal Kombat’s Raiden to then President Bill Clinton were buried within the game’s code. These hidden characters added humor to the game’s already over the top gameplay style, and helped keep gamers buzzing as newly discovered character codes would leak out.


NBA Jam ushered in a new era of sports video games. It showed that more realistic graphics were possible, and that over the top gameplay had a place in the genre. The game allowed friends to play together, provided many months of character discoveries and proved beyond a doubt that sports games could translate to mainstream video game success. For being the greatest arcade basketball game of all time, NBA Jam deserves its place in this series.


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