Question by cumbiagermen: What is the name of an arcade video game Mario Bros.-style starring little eskimos?
I remember playing an arcade game very similar in style to the original Mario Bros, the protagonist being a little person dressed like an Eskimo with a furry hood. He had to battle little blue ice flames and a variety of other creatures. Those are all the details I can remember. It was a fun game.
I think I also remember that the eskimo character carried around a little mallet that it used in aiding it fight the monsters it encountered.

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Answer by deblyn
Was it Ice Climbers? Where the two little guys had to make their way upwards and jump on the bird?

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Today`s hectic work schedules don`t let people to move out and do something for fun to divert their minds from their works. Hence it`s no surprising to find many people relying on the top gaming consoles for their daily dose of entertainment and fun.

The top game consoles are on the top priority list of many people these days. With each passing day the electronic entertainment is getting bigger, louder, and crazier. Video game consoles concept came during the mid seventies. And the mass popularity of video game consoles in a short period paved the way for the top game consoles for generation next.

The top game consoles let the user play exciting, interactive and innovative multimedia games from his Personal Computer. These top gaming consoles are powered by astounding multimedia features and sophisticated high powered audio like that of television to offer enjoyable gaming experience to the users.

A controller which is directly connected to the game console mostly manipulates and controls the top game console. The controller uses a number of buttons such as analog joysticks to input info and interact with on screen objects such as the game media, memory card, power supply and other core units of these top game consoles.

With the advent of modern technology, now lighter and compact gaming consoles are available which can be carried anywhere easily. These days many top game consoles are available which are compatible with different file formats and videos. Now even wireless controllers are available which lets the player operate several functions easily.

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Microsoft XBox 360:

It is one of the first top game consoles launched in the market and hence has a loyal fan following. Although not as inexpensive as the Wii, Xbox offers a larger selection of games to choose form compared to the other two models. This top game console`s high definition feature empowers Power PC-based CPU with 3 symmetrical cores and graphic processor of embedded DRAM which is of 10MB.

Embedded with a built-in digital camera, Xbox offers users to click stunning pictures. You can watch DVD, listen to music on your favorite MP3 player and can be online. Apart from this, the Xbox Live Arcade offers more classic arcade console games to choose from.

Sony PlayStation 3:

This is the most expensive of the three top game consoles. Its built-in Blu-ray Disc Player produces great quality graphics and unlike Xbox, you no longer have to add a separate High definition DVD player to watch all HD DVD movies. You can enjoy all high definition content on the PlayStation 3.

Nintendo Wii:

With a price of around 0, this is cheapest of all the top game consoles. Although certain high-end features are not available, it has all basic features of a gaming console. The controller for the Wii looks more like that of a TV remote control and actually it allows better movement to the gamers while playing their favorite games.

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Pinball is a game that has been well loved by many in several generations. It was the penchant for playing this game in the recreation centers that perpetuated the invention of this game. Due to the advent of internet many are able to take pleasure from this game being played online. This online pinball game has to be stored onto ones computer to be able to play it offline.

It is the pragmatic features and the true like effects that make playing the online pinball also as good as one played in the activity center. If you’re wondering if Pinball will be compatible to play on your computer then you should know that there are versions for pretty much every operating system that is out. One of the most accepted operating system windows versions is proffered by the online pinball game even if one fears that they have a new system. Do a search on your favorite search engine to find a free pinball game which shouldn’t be very hard to find since most games are free to play online nowadays . If you plan on downloading a version of pinball onto your PC then you might have to pay a small fee; especially if it includes some unique features like extra levels or unique game add-ons. Then again there are many versions available for you to download for free.

It is necessary that you ensure the safety of your computer when downloading it to your system. Your computer could be at the greatest risk of being harm by the existence of the virus in it for any of the personal data that you hold on it by the hackers. No body would wish to entail a situation like this and to avoid this one has to have a proper software to check for the existence of the virus in the download that you wish to do.

Pinball has become so creative that there are games that feature sports and particular people such as a famous figure skater known as Irina. You can find Irina pinball online to download to your computer, and the game features a digital visual pinball table with pictures of Irina all over it. This particular pinball game is very unique as well because it features tunes and songs that the figure ice skater performs to. One can have a trial presentation of the game before they decide to go in for the download of the game. If you are a fan of Irina then there is no doubt that you wouldn’t enjoy this particular pinball game. One can get the versions of the pinball game that feature great sporting and movie stars on it. You will be surprised that this online game version is also available with your most loved cartoon characters such as SpongeBob Square Pants.

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The who’s hit song Pinball Wizard
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Value Your On the net Time While You Play Game
Following an extended hectic busy day, picture play games is now regarded as an important element to relax your frayed nerves, scorched eyes and tired ears. Actively playing movie video game is considered as a single certain inside biggest way to obtain entertained oneself. In contrast to traditional video clip games, one of the most current for the whole on-line games have brought revolution in numerous segment of culture. Getting an problem of truth, these internet dependent video clip games may well be played amongst youngsters, youth, and expert as well as aged men and women. Even though talking about for the internet video clip video game titles, you can find a lot of movie games for everybody, as they’re blended although utilizing regal of redefined pleasant, alluring exhilaration and inside nut shell epitomizing the lighter side of existence.

The net is considered as the biggest device for your avid players, youth and children in discovering newest and lucrative on-line games. The on-line play video game titles ranges from action and adventure to puzzle and arcade on the net games. Moreover, on the web games dependent for your sports, method or shooting frequently appeal towards the buyers with new altitude of thrill and exhilaration. The huge array of on-line online game is no longer confined to action or board online game, but around the whole picture online game planet has opened even up for your Casinos. Among really a couple of on the internet games, some of them are interactive in nature as they make it feasible for your player to conduct with anybody across the entire world. Consequently, depending upon the alternative and preferences, a single certain can pick any on-line online game from a significant choice of standard text dependent video clip games with complex graphics and virtual worlds.

Actively playing in on the net play games might be a brand new thought inside the internet revolution. Some a lot of many years from now, options for obtaining gratifying inside of home are already very restricted. But even though employing tremendous advancement in IT technologies, things have transformed drastically in favor of shoppers. With an outcome of around the internet video clip video game, details have turned to a single certain hundred and eighty degrees. Like an concern of basic simple fact, the consumers can now execute a big quantity of no price online game titles on their pc or laptop, supplied they ought to possess fast world wide web connection. This on-line play games mode is typically accessed, throughout the planet.

The rising recognition around the world wide web flash on the web play games or Macromedia flash video clip video game titles have led to an world wide web revolution. This Macromedia flash picture video game titles inside the net web sites make use of functions for instance streaming media player, audio, plus a total new set of user interactivity. Most around the internet picture video game titles just like World of Warcraft, Last Fantasy XI, and Lineage II are some about the picture video game titles for which consumers are charged a monthly cost for subscribing the providers, even although around the world wide web on-line games which includes Guild Wars do not require any subscription expenses. Some using the for the web movie online game world wide web websites rely on marketing and advertising revenues from on-site sponsors, although other men and women such as RuneScape, allow guys and ladies to accomplish for completely no cost.

The next generation players enjoy actively playing games on-line. They truly really feel these flash movie online game titles will grow to become a usual in community in comparison to board online game titles. Actively playing online game titles on-line is genuinely an authentic gratifying and fascinating, no problem what you carry out. Apart from varied range of video game titles, on-line gaming firms also pay a whole lot attention for that higher high quality of picture online game titles supplied to their consumers and offer them to conduct on-line pages. Actively playing video clip games around the internet brings a massive quantity of revenue to your gaming company.

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Question by punchline67: What is your favorite arcade style console or table video game from the 1980′s?
Robotron? Defender? Stargate? PacMan? Spy Hunter?

Specifically looking for arcade games – the coin operated variety.

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Answer by Pastinky
Pac Man was the best! It was challenging and trying to keep away from those little ghost, let’s just say I was the queen of Pac Man. Was also the queen of pinball games!!

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Here’s a little video demo of my Atari Toobin’ Arcade game cabinet. Also show off the waterfall marquee mechanism. Pretty cool! Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Retro Arcade Game Review: Return of Heracles

Imagine, if you will, a game that encapsulates almost all of Greek mythology in one colourful, fast-moving, joy-stick controlled graphic adventure. Said game also has multi voice music, text, hi-res graphics effects, animation, and the ability to save the game to disk at will. Such a paragon exists, and is currently my favourite computer game despite some flaws that I will point out later. RETURN OF HERACLES (ROH) is a game with much strength and a few weaknesses.

The setting is mythological Greece in the time of the Heroes and the Trojan War. The country and all the lands about are overrun with supernatural menaces and monsters. Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods, has decreed that these menaces-such as the Nemean Lion, the Caledonian Boar, and the immortal Hydra-be destroyed. You enter, controlling one or more heroes (as many as you want up to the total number possible) to get the job done. Your characters, whether they are Achilles, Jason, Odysseus, or one of a host of others, move about the countryside fighting, collecting treasures, buying supplies and getting advanced training.

If all goes well, you and your friends will accomplish the 12 labours of Zeus and get a fabulous reward. If not, you will all die. I think you’ll agree that’s a fair set of alter- natives for a computer game. The game is transparent. The rules explain themselves. Although documentation comes with it, you’ll never have to read it. You can play poorly, but there is no way to do anything wrong. And, unlike certain text adventures where you have to find the right words or you get nowhere, you will always be accomplishing something as long as you just move the characters. The multiple screens with animated sprite graphics (in the Atari version) and accompanying music are strong aspects in ROH. I counted over 30 different sprites (player missiles) involved in the game, and most of them are animated.

Incidentally, your foes are controlled by the computer, and they are also animated, both in terms of moving on screen and in seeming to act with purpose. Having numerical attributes such as strength, vigour, speed, wealth, armour, weapons, the characters also have histories and personalities, allowing the player the true joy of role-playing with them. Although the same sprite is used to represent both Achilles and Odysseus, the two heroes behave in entirely different manners. I tend to get emotionally attached to the wily Ithakan, and try to save him, but I use Achilles as a superhero and just throw him into combat anywhere at any time. Finally, the game teaches Greek mythology. Before you are finished you participate in the Founding of Thebes, the Sack of Roy, and explore the Labyrinth of Crete. You visit the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and climb the slopes of Olympus. You earn either the favour or disfavour of various gods. You have to solve the riddle of the Sphinx. I’d like to say this was a perfect game, but the best I can say is that it’s very good. There are some weaknesses in it that slightly spoil it for me. For the most part they seem to be failures of imagination or minor errors in the research of the game designer.

1. When you’re dealing with gods, monsters, dragons, lions, boars, hydras, and the like, you don’t need to use mice, rats, blobs, and boulders as part of your monster menagerie.

Theseus didn’t have to kill rats to make his way through the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, nor did he have to dispose of any blobs. For the same amount of programming effort, Smith could have included wolves and chimerae as additional monsters; both of which would be true to Greek mythology and to the game’s theme of heroism.

2. There are a few errors in the text that are totally unnecessary. Achilles gained his invulnerability from being dipped in the Styx, not by being burned and then being restored with ambrosia. If you’re going to tell the myth tells it right. Aeneas escaped from Troy so that his descendants could found the city of Rome, not Troy as is said in the text.

3. While Greek mythology is used as the basis of the game, it is often portrayed inaccurately, and with scant attention to the importance of women in it. Helen of Troy and Penelope of Ithaka are no better than puppets waiting to be rescued. Major figures like Medea and Ariadne don’t appear at all. (Actually, Medea is in the game. You can talk to her in Colchis, but she has no active role.) There are plenty of other misconceptions and inaccuracies. Play it as a game, but don’t think that it substitutes for actually reading the myths themselves.

A few other things should be mentioned. Error-handling is superb. I couldn’t make an error with this game, except in judgment. Documentation is excellent. Thirty-one pages that thoroughly explain the game and the unusual names that you will see throughout.

ROH will give many hours of playing pleasure, as you can play the game again and All in all, I highly recommend ROH to everyone who would like a graphic role-playing adventure with an unusual flavour to it.

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Frogger Game

Frogger Game

Frogger is a classic arcade game from Konami.It is one of the most loved arcade videogames that was released by Sega in the US. The classic characters and theme have made it popular in the late 1980s among gamers from all ages. Frogger made the jump to videogames in 1981. This started the frogger craze..

Due to its popularity Frogger has come out in many variations such as Playstation, Atari and Gameboy and Sega.The most successful remake was Hasbro which sold millions of copies later. Their version was so successful because they stuck to the basics.

Play Frogger

Basically the goal of the game is to transport frogs safely across to their lily pads. In real life frogs can swim but that would make frogger to easy. If your frog falls into the pond it dies.In frogger you move the frog from the bottom to the top of the screen. You can pick up bonus points along the way by helping out lady frogs and eating flies. As you get better and advance to higher levels you will meet new obstacle.

The busy highway is packed with lanes of speeding automobiles and trucks. Next you to cross a raging river. To do this you have to hop from moving logs and turtles. If that was not hard enough you also have to watch out for animals looking to eat you.You can rest on turtles but if you wait to long they dive down stranding you in the water.You have always pay attention. You can’t travel to slow as there is a time limit. If you move 5 frogs to their home lily pad at the top of the screen you advance to the next level.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep your breath while making the deliveries for the next level. The cars in the highway now run like high speed luxury cars. The enemies are even deadlier. The challenge is to take what is impossible – being alive during the transport! It would be very hard to navigate the frog across the danger zone successfully.

Online Frogger vs Download Frogger

Frogger is a game where speed matters. There are many versions of online frogger. The problem is that they are slow
I suggest downloading a free version of Frogger to avoid the problems with the online versions. The best frogger game I have found is at

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I love classic video games. I have wasted many hours playing Frogger. I consider myself a frogger expert

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Question by kutekels22: Do you remember what this old nickelodeon game is called?
If i can remember right it was a show with a girl who was always in the wild(sorry i cant remember it!) and the game had to do with all these animals and it was on the nickelodeon arcade and i loved it. im sorry that isn’t much info but please tell me if you know!

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Answer by ===Sandwich Man===
The wild Thornberrys

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Google Game

For the game lovers, this is exciting news that soon they will be witnessing very interesting and exciting Google Game. Google is the best site that has served the people with its vast information’s. Now it is going to launch some very exciting games with Zynga. Everybody is aware of the Zynga games which have become the world’s largest inventor of online social games.


The game lovers have already played a series of interesting online games such as FarmVille, FishVille, Zynga Poker etc in numerous social networking websites like facebook, myspace, tagged etc. All the age groups are very fond of all these games as these are complete package of entertainment. Along with enjoying the exciting features of these games, the users can also earn lots of money and can buy online things. Now they will be enjoying Google Game which has lots of exciting features. Like the Zynga games, all these games can be played by the users in their favorite social networking sites.


These Google Games will not only take the players into a world full of entertainment but also they can make friends across the whole world. These games can connect the whole world. The users can compete with their new online friends. These games will be very entertaining particularly for the youngsters. The players can invite their new online fiends in their favorite social networking sites and then start enjoying it.


There are a lot of players all across the world that is very fond of online games. These games provide lots of entertainment and also the players can earn huge sums of money through them. So Google Game is ready to give all the interesting features to their customers where they can enjoy the game and also earn lots of money and buy online things. If this game earns popularity, then Google will soon be launching number of games with numerous features that can make the youngsters crazy. So, the game lovers have to ready to witness the very exciting and very interesting Google Game.


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