Question by Ghost_Of_Sparta: Does an xbox 360 arcade system come with enough memory for me to fully play fable 2?
this year for christmas i am getting a xbox 360 arcade system and fable 2.
will the 512 mb memory card provide enough space to play fable 2 with all the patches and anything else?

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Answer by ELEMENT
it really should, if you dont download most stuff on xbox marketplace, and it has to, other wise they won’t sell it, or mobody would buy it.

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Arcade Games Have Come a Long Way

Arcades have come a long way since their inception as simple coin operated games long ago.

The earliest coin operated games showed up in the 1930′s as pinball machines. In the early 70′s the world was mesmerized by the video game called pong. Then Atari came into the picture as the first major player in the industry.

New arcade games were developed and seemingly overnight they appeared in restaurants, grocery stores, bars and movie theaters all over the United States and other countries. Games such as Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong were especially popular.

The simplest arcade games are still fun to play but the most advanced games challenge you more, and generally provide a more gratifying user experience. Arcade games are products of someone’s imagination. Someone who took a simple idea created an interactive product that appeals to the masses of gamers out there. Some games become extremely popular, others do not.

At one time the only place you could play an arcade game was at a public establishment such as movie theaters and bowling alleys. They started out being the size of small refrigerators. Then we had home gaming systems which over the years were developed and got smaller, and much more powerful with better graphics. There are home gaming systems, handheld games, games on cell phones and about any other electronic media with a screen.

What fascinates me about the games is the endless variety. There are free games available all over the internet and they are all fun to play. If you find yourself sitting in front of a computer waiting on a download you can play a free arcade game.

You won’t have any trouble finding an arcade site, there are literally thousands of them on the internet today.

A lot of the game sites allow you to keep score and challenge others to beat your score at a particular game. Some have a link you can embed into your social networking page which will allow other users to play the game. Most of these web arcade sites have upwards of 3000 games or more.

Arcades are indeed a lot of fun. They have come a long way from years ago and I expect that the popularity of arcade games will not diminish anytime soon. They are sure to be developed further as time goes on with more advances in the next few years than we have seen in the last 20 years.

Anyone young and old can play arcade games. It is great exercise for the brain and is fun and challenging at the same time.

Check out some of the great arcade sites out there and play away.

Russ Hancock is a webmaster and freelance writer living in the wilds of Montana. He is the owner of the rSeek Network of websites which includes Arcade for you and WebArcade

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The Arcade Games Come Home To Play

If you asked your dad about the video games he used to play back when he was a little kid, he’d tell you about archaic games like Pacman, Pong, Pinball, and maybe even the old classic Space Invaders. And, if you’re a genuine member of the generation X, you wouldn’t be able to help but scoff or maybe have a good laugh at the sheer antiquity of these titles.

The coin-operated machines of the 1980′s are no match for the Arcade games of today. Back then, the gamers had to content themselves with simple, two dimensional games with shoddy graphics. You might give the graphics of Donkey Kong 1 a rating of 1/10 today, but back in the days of your father, they would’ve given it a whopping 10/10.

Arcades back then were three times more popular than the arcades of today for a single reason. If you were a gamer in the 1980′s, you would’ve had no choice but to go to the Arcades to satisfy your craving for games. Whereas the gamers of today only have to go on-line to one of the free arcade game websites and proceed to spend the whole day playing free arcade games in the comfort of their own homes.

Now, even with all the breath-taking graphics and mind-blowing innovations, Arcades still haven’t regained their former popularity. But the modern arcade does have its prodigies. One of which is the Dance Dance Revolution. People instantly became addicted to this novel sensation. The person who pioneered the marriage of dancing and gaming was a genius. Other innovative games followed in the wake of the dance dance revolution, like the baby of music and gaming, DrumMania. This game emulates the feel of playing real drums, and you have to bang the drum at exactly the right time to get a good score. These games appeal to the natural impulse of people to show off, as the best players are applauded in the Arcades. Not even the release of the dance pad, which can be bought from stores and allow you to play in the comfort of the gamers’ home could bring down the Arcade Titan that was dance dance revolution. If anything, the gamers who bought these dance pads only used them as training grounds for the real battlefield which could be found in the Arcades.

Indeed, the games back then were every bit as addictive as the games of today. Arcade games are the craze of the youth then and now and you can only wonder what the future has in store for arcade games.

Greg Lucas is a small business owner and an on-line marketing expert who owns and operates a large network of informative and educational websites. for more information please visit: Play free arcade games

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Question by Joe Saget: How do you access the free arcade games that come with My xbox 360 arcade console?
I have an xbox 360 arcade console but have no idea how to play the free arcade games it comes with. when i go to the arcade it just wants me to buy them.

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Answer by g
Yeah, this is kind of annoying…

1) If it is on a disc, be sure that you put the disc in the drive (of course)

2) Go to “My Xbox”, Right twice to “Game Library”.

3) You can either pick a game on the “Recent Games” list or move to the right to “Collections”

4) “Full Games” are where the installed games are, “All Games” will show you demos too.

Alternately you can hit the Xbox button in the center, go left once to “Games”, pick “Game Library” and pick back up on step 3 above.

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