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Xbox 360 Super Elite

(PRWEB) February 17, 2010

Xbox 360 Elite consoles have never been so popular. In recent months the Xbox 360 Elite became the must buy Xbox 360 out of the three editions (Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 60GB Pro). Microsoft have delivered top quality games for their existing install base, in addition to keeping the hardware up to date a new Xbox 360 Super Elite was released to equal the PS3 250gb slim console’s capacity.

Over the past 3 years, the old website informally known as Xbox UK kept shoppers’ informed on the best Xbox 360 deals in the UK, by providing Xbox 360 price comparison, discount codes, reviews and giving 1-1 advice frequently. Today sees the launch of the new website which will provide the same great service as before with even more resources for shoppers.

The new website is easier to navigate with new pages organised by Xbox 360 console type and a summary of packages and deals.

Super Elite – Xbox 360 Deals

On the Xbox 360 Super Elite 250gb pages, visitors can see the console prices and best offers to pre-order the new Xbox 360 Super Elite with Final Fantasy XIII bundle. Whilst on occasion the Xbox 360 Elite Forza 3 Motorsport Super Elite and Modern Warfare 2 Super Elite bundle come back in stock. Both have proved excellent value for money, in addition to the console, those limited edition Xbox 360 bundles include one extra wireless controller and a top Xbox 360 game free.

Xbox 360 Elite Vs PS3 Slim

One question we get asked time and again is “why buy an Xbox 360 Elite?” To answer this question we have created a page comparing Xbox 360 Elite versus PS3 Slim, which is better and why. Along with a page listing the must buy Xbox 360 essentials, where visitors can easily see the recommended extras to go with their new purchase. The essential things to buy after getting a console is also subject to opinion, often an Xbox 360 play and charge kit will suffice for starters.

Coming Soon Xbox 360 Games

When shopping for a new game consoles checking out the good Xbox 360 games out now, plus the best Xbox 360 games coming soon (hot future releases) will give buyers confidence they are making the right choice before they buy a Xbox 360 Elite.

Xbox 360 bundles

Xbox 360 prices have never been this cheap. Now the entry level Xbox 360 console price is only £99. Comparing the best Xbox 360 Elite deals in the UK online is not easy without the know-how. At state of the art Technology gathers intelligence to process the information accurately. The prices change regularly, Xbox 360 offers come and go in and out of stock frequently, along with retailers who provide with exclusive discounts and offers to help our visitors make a big saving and get the best Xbox 360 deal. In hindsight the less savvy shoppers pay full price for an Xbox 360 Elite only, and regret it, when they should have researched Xbox 360 bundles, which include added games or hardware for free.


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Question by wildbilly_100: Do any Las Vegas Casinos let you win at video arcade games?
I want play video game like arcade games and maybe win a little. Do any of the casinos let play a game to win money?

Best answer:

Answer by JackAce

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Value Your On the net Time While You Play Game
Following an extended hectic busy day, picture play games is now regarded as an important element to relax your frayed nerves, scorched eyes and tired ears. Actively playing movie video game is considered as a single certain inside biggest way to obtain entertained oneself. In contrast to traditional video clip games, one of the most current for the whole on-line games have brought revolution in numerous segment of culture. Getting an problem of truth, these internet dependent video clip games may well be played amongst youngsters, youth, and expert as well as aged men and women. Even though talking about for the internet video clip video game titles, you can find a lot of movie games for everybody, as they’re blended although utilizing regal of redefined pleasant, alluring exhilaration and inside nut shell epitomizing the lighter side of existence.

The net is considered as the biggest device for your avid players, youth and children in discovering newest and lucrative on-line games. The on-line play video game titles ranges from action and adventure to puzzle and arcade on the net games. Moreover, on the web games dependent for your sports, method or shooting frequently appeal towards the buyers with new altitude of thrill and exhilaration. The huge array of on-line online game is no longer confined to action or board online game, but around the whole picture online game planet has opened even up for your Casinos. Among really a couple of on the internet games, some of them are interactive in nature as they make it feasible for your player to conduct with anybody across the entire world. Consequently, depending upon the alternative and preferences, a single certain can pick any on-line online game from a significant choice of standard text dependent video clip games with complex graphics and virtual worlds.

Actively playing in on the net play games might be a brand new thought inside the internet revolution. Some a lot of many years from now, options for obtaining gratifying inside of home are already very restricted. But even though employing tremendous advancement in IT technologies, things have transformed drastically in favor of shoppers. With an outcome of around the internet video clip video game, details have turned to a single certain hundred and eighty degrees. Like an concern of basic simple fact, the consumers can now execute a big quantity of no price online game titles on their pc or laptop, supplied they ought to possess fast world wide web connection. This on-line play games mode is typically accessed, throughout the planet.

The rising recognition around the world wide web flash on the web play games or Macromedia flash video clip video game titles have led to an world wide web revolution. This Macromedia flash picture video game titles inside the net web sites make use of functions for instance streaming media player, audio, plus a total new set of user interactivity. Most around the internet picture video game titles just like World of Warcraft, Last Fantasy XI, and Lineage II are some about the picture video game titles for which consumers are charged a monthly cost for subscribing the providers, even although around the world wide web on-line games which includes Guild Wars do not require any subscription expenses. Some using the for the web movie online game world wide web websites rely on marketing and advertising revenues from on-site sponsors, although other men and women such as RuneScape, allow guys and ladies to accomplish for completely no cost.

The next generation players enjoy actively playing games on-line. They truly really feel these flash movie online game titles will grow to become a usual in community in comparison to board online game titles. Actively playing online game titles on-line is genuinely an authentic gratifying and fascinating, no problem what you carry out. Apart from varied range of video game titles, on-line gaming firms also pay a whole lot attention for that higher high quality of picture online game titles supplied to their consumers and offer them to conduct on-line pages. Actively playing video clip games around the internet brings a massive quantity of revenue to your gaming company.

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

MadBalls in Babo: Invasion, (MiBI), was recently released (ed. July 15, 2009), for 800 points on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a third person and top-down arcade shooter whose resident characters are rolling heads with guns attached.

MadBalls, made famous by the toys and cartoon series by American Greetings in the 1980′s, collide with the Babo universe established in the prequel freeware game Babo Violent 2. We took the game for a roll and were blown away with it’s fresh gameplay and broad amount of content.

Singleplayer and Co-op

The campaign is a story-driven series of 10 large missions in a wide variety of themes from Jungle to Space and can be played in singleplayer mode or 4 player co-op. The story is conveyed through a series of hand drawn art tiles between levels with text scrollers, and there’s plenty of backstory and humor to be found by finding all 50 books littered throughout the levels.

Players choose to play as heroes or villans, then, much like in Team Fortress pick a character class such as Assault, Heavy or Runner to start the game. Each of the 10 characters on offer has it’s unique super abilities and strengths, boosting replay substantially. Control is well tuned and players will quickly find themselves carving through hordes of enemies much like in the much loved game Serious Sam.

A nice touch is the scaling difficulty level which adjusts to the number of players connected in realtime: In 4 player Co-op on hard difficulty, we were faced with fast, tough enemies and splitting giants that would break into dozens of smaller enemies until we were swarmed at all angles.

With coordinated teamplay, and by utilizing the wide mix of unlockable characters, abilities and weapon modes in concert, we were able to beat the higher levels and achieve a sense of gaming bliss like that which comes from defeating the greatest arcade games of yesteryear. A Level Attack mode is also offered wherein players earn time bonuses for beating the level in a race against the clock

”Beat the higher levels and achieve a sense of gaming bliss like that which comes from defeating the greatest arcade games of yesteryear.”

And that’s just the thing about this game. Classic arcade action is elegantly reintroduced in a game that still has all the features we have come to expect on our next generation console platforms. The game has a quick pick up and play feel to it. There’s no set up time, you can choose to enjoy the detailed environment, story line and characters or just grab a gun and go to it.

The level challenges and bosses are unique but still, naturally, scale up in difficulty as the game progresses. The “Chompiis” are some of the most satisfying characters in the game, they are individually fun to mow down with your favorite weapon but can become surprisingly difficult when they gather in numbers. Chompii battles are visceral and reminiscent of a game of asteroids at the local coin-op back in the day.

The scoring system in single player, co-op and multiplayer is more like what you would find in a pinball game than a shooter with the high score values and multiplier pick ups throughout the level. Scoring highly is all about the multipliers and there’s always a certain level of satisfaction to be gained when you post a high score in the millions, especially when your friends and rivals still haven’t found that secret room with the 5x multiplier stations in it.

Player versus Player

Classic arcade fun aside, MiBI delivers on innovation as well, combining a rich roster of characters and abilities with some original player vs. player game modes never seen before. In addition to basic modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag across a generous 21 handcrafted and excellently designed maps, the game also offers an XBox Live Avatar mode and the spectacular Invasion game mode.

”Invasion mode innovates by turning map making into part of the gameplay challenge.”

While we have seen multiplayer map making offered on retail console games before, it has always been a tedious endeavor, working your controller to modify hieghtfields and place trees before you fall asleep. Invasion mode innovates by turning map making into part of the gameplay challenge. Each round starts in a construction phase with players taking turns making a series of tile placements.

The tiles can be rotated for optimal placement and have elements like paths, ramps, buildings and raised platforms. Once tile placement is complete, a voting round occurs where the teams vote on base deployment and control point locations. Then the map is generated and players drop into combat on a unique map every time!

Team communication is key here so bases are placed in protected areas while stations help create strategic routes. Adding to gameplay depth, control points can be reinforced with turrets or healing pods. I feared that this game mode would be lengthy but after only a day and half on XBLA, there are plenty of matches and this is fast becoming the favorite game mode among MiBI players.

The most popular game mode is the Avatar attack. As mentioned in our preview, you will see your Avatar lovingly processed (ed. by decapitation) to emerge but only a head with a gun mounted on the ear. Brilliant! Avatar Attack is a free for all skirmish mode that provides frantic, pick up and play action with some reasonable balance as all the avatars have the same special abilities, hop and super jump.

You may want to play the campaign and unlock a few extra weapons and weapon modes before entering the foray as it can be quite challenging if you come up against the hardcore players that have already unlocked everything. That said, you can unlock weapons in any game mode so there’s no harm in trying as skill beats all in this game.

”Madballs in Babo: Invasion rolls right to the top of the heap… bursting at the seams with maps, modes and polish that rivals even retail games.”


The scope of digital download titles on Xbox Live Arcade is evolving. Throughout last year, studios were shipping small titles that were just fun enough to make the player feel that they got suitable value in a digital purchase. The odd title here or there would ship for and you might spend a week with each game.

As we reach the midpoint of 2009 we are seeing select studios release games with dramatically increased breadth and substantially more design effort. Madballs in Babo: Invasion rolls right to the top of the heap in this regard, bursting at the seams with maps, modes and polish that rivals even retail games. Even with a head full of confetti, this game’s a no brainer at 800 MS Points!

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Question by punchline67: What is your favorite arcade style console or table video game from the 1980′s?
Robotron? Defender? Stargate? PacMan? Spy Hunter?

Specifically looking for arcade games – the coin operated variety.

Best answer:

Answer by Pastinky
Pac Man was the best! It was challenging and trying to keep away from those little ghost, let’s just say I was the queen of Pac Man. Was also the queen of pinball games!!

Add your own answer in the comments!

Relax With Online Shooting Games

Online Shooting Games are best to play through Internet Connection. While playing it, one can get a great and remarkable way to expand the thinking, attention and interest in it. Online games are for everyone, anybody can play it online according to their choice of shooting game. Online Shooting Games attract the majority of players. It gives you the feeling of real and actual event. As you can see that while playing the game, actions and fun comes consequently. Online shooting games bring the anger and killer instinct in us. These Online Shooting Games give you chance to shoot on target in your computer screen.  The internet presents plenty of gaming options at affordable prices. These games promise a wonderful time pass and some people plays it very seriously and shoot the rivals through the shooting games. The shooting games test the accuracy and aim of the person and then your success depends on how well you aim at your correctness and shoot. Sometimes you see that these games use joysticks and fake guns with sensors. Online shooting games have a distinction of engaging the gamers. It is one of the most highly developed games of all times in which when you shoot your enemy no one lives forever so an individual can shoot enemy easily. So, you must try online shooting latest games for enjoyment and fun.

While playing online shooting games, people feel relaxed. There is lot of benefits of online shooting games because you can easily improve and recover your focus and concentration levels in it. As these days, lots of people go to gaming sites then they select their choice of shooting games. As there are different types of shooting games but some of the latest games in shooting is multiplayer shooting games. Multiplayer shooting games are some of the most attractive and charming online games you can involve in it ever in life. As very few people understand and grasp the fact that online multiplayer shooting has been around for quite some time. The main concept of multiplayer shooting games really becomes so popular. In shooting games, mostly people give more preference to multiplayer shooting games. People get curious to see the style, concept and design of multiplayer games to they get attract towards it. Shooting games is an immense way to ease your frustration. It is best method to release your anger on an enemy through playing online multiplayer shooting games. Mostly, you see that online shooters get progress through some levels and stages in shooting games and they take points in it while shooting the enemies. So you can simply and easily enjoy online shooting games at home or outside as well.

Webgameawards offers free online games which you can easily play on internet. There are many online games you see like Shooting Games, Fighting Games, Action Games and Storm Hawks Games etc. But mostly people prefer Online Shooting Games for fun and excitement.

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Best Zombie Video Games

With the success of zombie movies this decade it makes sense that developers would turn to video games as well to bank on the resurgence of zombie love. There have been a lot of great zombie games for various gaming systems throughout the years, so here is a list of the top ones that you should play first.

Zombies At My Neighbors

Released for the SNES in 1993, this run and gun video game made by the always great LucasArts developers was a fun and hilarious oddity of a game. The premise is pretty simple, you play as Zeke or Julie, teenage kids who wake up to find the zombies have taken over their neighborhood. You run around different levels finding keys and warp points all while water gunning, weed wacking, throwing exploding soda cans and bazooking zombies in your path. The game was such a cult hit that it was re-released for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console so younger fans could play the classic game.

Resident Evil

The original resident evil game used zombies as a springboard to tell a winding, sometimes convoluted story about an evil genetics corporation and the SWAT team trying to stop them. The game has of course been made into several movies staring Milla Jovovich and the franchise has continued to this day with the most recent being Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It was one of the highest selling games of 2009 which just goes to show, people still love their zombies.

House of the Dead (series)

The House of the Dead arcade game series is one of the most popular light gun arcade games. The story isn’t really the high point of the House of the Dead series. Basically you walk around houses and different settings killing zombies and other weird creatures. The graphics were great and the light gun action was pretty fun, but it was pretty difficult and was a total money drain if you actually wanted to play through the game to the end. The series has been ported to the Xbox, PC and the Wii with separately sold light guns that resemble smaller spyder paint ball guns.

Alan Lomax is a freelance writer from MN.

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Got some black ops zombie arcade for you guys :) Dead Ops Arcade or whatever you want to call it :) This is part 1 of 4 so if you guys enjoy this please like it and il upload the other 3 parts :) Stu x

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