The existence of the company was conceptualized and later on materialized by Rob Small and Tihan Presbie. Having started the project with a meager budget of 40,000 British pounds, the duo graduated in turning their asset into a 200 million pound company. This fact is enough by itself to be a sign of the immense success that the company has achieved in over the last few years.

The tumultuous rise of the company was no less than a fantasy story. Rob and Tihan had in fact laid the foundation stone of the company in the year 2000. At the rudimentary level that is in the formative years of the company, was involved in producing a petite quantity of cartoons. That was only for a time being. Sooner the company deviated into the field it is famous for. Producing fast paced internet games has always been the forte of but in the year 2006 another glory was added to its hall of fame. This year had conceptualized a rather innovative slogan that had become an integral part of its being. The slogan went on like – Play free games. The coinage of this term proved to be highly beneficial for the online company. It created a stir in the market that ultimately resulted in the boost up of the company needed to make a rapid flourish. has never comprised with the standard it is providing to its gamers. Since inception it has maintained a consistent level of sophisticated products. In the last 2 years the company has witnessed the profit totaling a turnover of 20 million British pounds. makes sure that its games accentuated into the market are being developed by a third party developer who is adept in it. It is preferred by the authority that the games are manufactured with Abode Flash or Shock wave. The company is very particular about the online safety issues. That is why it has deployed a DLL –one kind of a hostile code to ensure the security concerns. It would be interesting to note that the company gets around 43 million clicks a month. That is just an awesome figure for an online company.

Eric Anderson operates, a website dedicated to free online games such as Miniclip games, Super Mario, Tower Defence and many more. Featuring over 1200 free online games, the site is updated daily and well suited for kids.

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Playing miniclip arcade online games are among the most popular ways to while away the time. However, some people do it not just to relieve themselves from boredom and to have fun — some of them have turned playing into a serious online business from where they could earn some money.
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