Arcade game rental can be the ideal source to provide entertainment in a variety of events like private parties, fundraising events, carnivals, church festivals, corporate events etc. You can give a chance to your visitors or guests to play a game by tickets or as a token for attending your event. A good arcade game rental service can be your perfect partner while you host a fundraiser for a worthy cause. New hardware and software have brought in dramatic changes to arcade game scenario and you have more than 20,000 games to choose from. Arcade games are also excellent entertainment options for people of all ages.

You can attract visitors to your booth with the kind of arcade game rental service we provide. You can also use our arcade game rental service to add color to your corporate video, advertisement video, TV show production, or feature film production.

Most arcade games in our inventory are liked by people of all ages. The support staff associated with our arcade game rental looks into the matters of hosting your fundraising event or carnival booth in highest possible professional level. Each game will be placed at the appropriate places to attract more people to the games and to give the players a good playing experience. While you ensure a great gaming experience to your guests, you get a highly successful event in return.

We help you host successful carnivals or festivals that give you maximum returns. Opt for our full service event planning assistance to host a successful event of any size. You will concentrate on your business goals while we look into the matters of looking into every aspect of hosting and managing a highly successful carnival or festival.

Our arcade game rental service comes with full support in logistics of the games to your event venue, its installation, operation, uninstalling and cleaning up of the area. You can choose our arcade game rental service on a short term or long term basis. We have arcade game rental operations across US, from Los Angeles to Boston and from Seattle to Miami. We offer a full range of support services including full service event planning assistance. While you get the event planning assistance from Game Rental 123, you get full service event planning including budgetary services, venue planning, logistics, transporting and other entertainers booking services.

If you choose our catering service along with arcade game rental service, you ensure good tasting healthy food is served at the right time. Along with catering service, we also provide you full service party equipment rental, which includes rentals of all party equipments like catering tables, cutlery, china, glassware, table clothes etc. You can also get the lighting equipments, AV equipments etc. You can also get celebrities; entertainers like magicians, models, DJs, and clowns for hire services to add to the attraction of your event. We offer our services in all parts of US, in 500 plus cities. Our services are also available in select locations in Canada.

Arcade Game Rental service from Game Rental 123 is available in New York, Los Angeles California, Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Miami Florida, Orlando Florida, San Jose California, Sacramento California, Alexandria, Washington DC, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Birmingham Alabama, Jackson Mississippi, St. Louis Missouri, Boston Massachusetts, Atlanta Georgia, Phoenix Arizona, Lincoln Nebraska, Manchester New Hampshire, Waterbury Connecticut, San Diego California, San Francisco California, Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Minneapolis Minnesota, Las Vegas Nevada, Indianapolis Indiana, Seattle Washington, Denver Colorado, Houston Texas, San Antonio Texas etc.

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