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Playing arcade games can be plenty of fun. It’s varieties from simple games, such as ping-pong to more intense games like shooting. You can play all these games in your local arcade or at the mall.
A trip to the mall to play arcade games is worth it in case you require to have fun. However, you can also play arcade games right in the comforts of your own residence. There’s plenty of choices on the net of websites that provide arcade game downloads.
You may even look for the game variety you are most interested in and you can download them right to your computer. You can download puzzle games, sports arcade games, elderly arcade games and even the most realistic shooting game right to your personal computer.

This means no more wasted time waiting in lines to play a single game and no more lines to change your bills in to coins. Plenty of sites offer arcade games for download. Some are free and some will charge you a small fee for their download services.
Arcade games can take your imagination anywhere. You can be in an X-Games event where you can compete against the best X-Games athletes. Visit the time of World War II where you can get the feel of being bombed, shot at, and experience interactive artificial intelligence where you can command what to do; or you can play simple word game puzzles to let time pass.

You can have all of these arcade games by purchasing joysticks at your local computer store. It can provide more realism on whatever arcade games you are playing. You may even hook up your home entertainment method such as your wide screen TV and your stereo method to receive a more realistic feel and excitement in your game.
Action fun games on line is also more convenient than going to the mall. You can also play all you require, every time you require and free. You can also save plenty of time.

Count the number of minutes necessary to go to the mall and include the number of minutes or even hours waiting in line for a popular arcade game. Playing arcade games at home eliminates these inconveniences.
Downloading arcade games can provide fun and excitement to you, your relatives and friends right in your own residence. All of you can play every time you require and what games you require. However, you ought to even be cautious on what web-site you download your arcade games.
Plenty of sites offer arcade game downloads that might contain viruses and other malicious programs included in the installation. Be positive that you know and trust the net site you are downloading your game from. This can make positive you of a nice time together with your relatives and friends.

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Wii Games On Sale At Walmart

From the feel of the Formula 1 track to the atmosphere of underground racing ps2 racing games have it all. Backup Wii Games Step by Step Guide Click here A game like Midnight Club II by Rockstar uses everything at its disposal, even the music, to re-create the world of midnight underground racing. In many games you race for victory, here you race for survival and you love it all the way.
But if you are looking for the real fury in ps2 racing games try ATV Offroad Fury 2; the cut-offs, the bumps, the dirt and the high jumps will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. If you want to enjoy this game online all you need to do is search for race car games com and download it to your computer.

In WipEout Fusion you get to combine combat and futuristic hover car racing for a pleasure trip to cyber space you will not forget soon. If you prefer a less brutal race Need for Speed Underground is one of the ps2 racing games that will offer you a smoother ride. It’s all about the pleasure of driving and before you take your car out on the street you can also customize it. When you are looking for the thrill of a rally race all you need to do is turn your attention to Colin McRae Rally 3 and enjoy the tight corners, the dirt roads and the power sliding in this spectacular and authentic ps2 racing game.

Best Wii Tools Click here

A very original game you can play at the arcade is Burnout 3, also available to you through racing game download. In this game you gain speed by bumping into your opponents and car crashes that happen at mind blowing speeds keep your adrenaline pumping at all times.

Ps2 racing games have everything for the driver in you: Grand Prix Challenge and Colin McRae Rally 3 for the sports driver in you Need for Speed Underground for the pleasure cruiser and games like ATV Offroad Fury 2 or WipEout Fusion for the more adrenaline oriented. And if you prefer to play these games online you can find them on any race car games on the Internet. Just take the wheel and enjoy the roar of the engine.

Wii Games On Sale At Walmart

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New Super Mario Bros Wii for Red Wii

Nintendo got its legendary start in video games with an arcade cabinet of a game called Donkey Kong. In this game, you played as a character named Jumpman trying to rescue a princess from a giant monkey, Mario’s evolution game with the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment system. The creator designed him as the everyday man, who everybody would like to play as. Mario as become the number one video game character of all time, selling more games than any other character. It has now been 25 years since the introduction of Mario, and Nintendo is celebrating with a free Red Wii bundle that is stylish and affordable.

Many companies create expensive limited edition bundles that force consumers to spend more money than just the base model. Nintendo has always been extremely aggressive with their price points and thus this limited edition Wii bundle is actually the cheapest way to get your family a Wii. The Free Nintendo Red Wii bundle comes with two games, a full controller set, and the red Wii console.

The two games the bundle comes with are Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros Wii. Both of these games are great examples of Nintendo games, with a strong emphasis on multiplayer and replayability. Wii Sports is the number one selling video game of all time. It uses the new Wii motion controls to let plays enjoy a wide variety of activities like bowling, boxing, and golf. It allows the entire family to get in on the action with 4 player support and fun family friendly competitions.

Super Mario Bros Wii is a refresh to their classic Mario game play. The goal has always been the same in Mario games. Get from one side of the course to the other. You start on the left and end on the right. Just about everything us has been updated in this highly acclaimed game. The newest and biggest addition is 4 player support. Instead of just hopping on his own, Mario has invited Luigi and two Toads to join him. Previous Mario games have allowed multiple players to take turns on the levels, but this is the first Mario game of its kind to allow you to play together. Challenges are designed where you must work with the other player to get to the end of the level. The Red Wii free bundle is taking bundles in a new direction by including games that people actually want to play rather than older games that have run their course.

The controller that comes with the system is also Red, as well as the nunchuk attachment. Purchasing these separately is an expensive undertaking and including them with the bundle was a classy move on Nintendo’s part. It is very apparent that there is no better way to get a Wii than by purchasing the Red Wii bundle. It comes with everything you could want to get started, plus two games that showcase what the system has to offer. No one will be disappointed.


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Question by Swallow: Is there a way to download xbox live arcade games?
I’ve been playing an xbox arcade game at my friends xbox. Is there anyway i can download the game onto my computer (the game is bomberman live, by the way). Either the full version or the free demo my friend has on his 360.

If not is there any other similar/good bomberman games that can be free downloaded onto computer.

Any help would be great


Best answer:

Answer by dialgeria
I don’t think so, i think u will have to buy a Xbox 360, I have got one too, but I don’t think so, u can only download them at the marketsplace on Xbox Live i think.

But arcade games is fun yes!

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A Game of Frogger Is Good Any Day

Easy to play, but difficult to reach the goal.

If you’re fed up of playing the identical online games constantly, then it’s about time to learn a little think about playing frogger online games.I can assure you that by the end of the articles you’d be waiting to play this game for the remainder of your life. Though this game is not new, also lots of users aren’t aware of this game. These games had been 1st manufactured in the niche of arcade way back in the year 1981. Alot of users have no distinct ¬†idea about the aim of the frogger game; the aim of the frogger game is to safely channelize the froggers to their lily pads without actually squishing the frog on the way.

At the beginning when gamers were occupied by this game they were really happy to play such an addictive game, which eventually resulted into the success of this game. The control of the game is in fact the opposite to the original game. The controls of the game are very simple but the actual game needs heaps of skill as well as scheme. The motion of the frog should be made fully carelessly by the user as even a single false move can make the user lose frogger. Since the evolution of this game there have been several editions developed by different game writers by looking at the quality of frogger. Even a 3d edition of frogger has been published by the producers on a very classic gaming console.

People all over the nation love to play online frogger games that had been possible a few years ago due to the set up of the flash version of frogger. Ever since the programmers have progammed many and now we can play several editions of frogger on internet free. Such as:

The objective of frogger is the user has to manoeuver the frog whose journey begins at the bottom of the screen and ends on to the top of the screen. The user has to start with a nominal figure of three frogs and the figure of froggers shows the figure of lives which the user has in order to achieve the aim of the game. The route of the journey is filled of obstacles which need to be dodged by the participant. The bottom section of the screen is about the road jeopardizes such as cars, buses, bulldozers etc. and the top part of the screen is cram full of river jeopardizes such as aligators etc. The participant may even collect some upgrades on the way but it can be completed by participants who are practiced as frogger is not very simple

So are you genuinely tired of playing your typical games? Then you might wish to trade over to frogger as the controls of frogger are precisely uncomplicated and frogger is readily obtainable on the internet. With the evolution in the technology likewise the  internet, today the gamers are ready to play online games which are easily acquirable on the internet.

Tekeu Cameron is an expert at the game of frogger, and he most enjoys it when he plays online at free online frogger. You can now play the free frogger game online.

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Atari 8-bit version.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ah, the classics. Shakespeare. Beethoven. Space Invaders.

The days of pumping quarter after quarter into a bulky console to feel the thrill of fending off primitively rendered space-monsters are gone, but the fascination remains. Back then, the consumer spent two bits for eight-bit graphics and considered it a bargain. The action had to be simple and extremely addictive, because it wasn’t going to be realistic or visually lush. That bred extremely addictive and playable games.

We searched for the best versions of arcade classics for the iPhone, and here is what we found:

Space Invaders, Taito (.99): With classic arcade games, you have to decide whether you are looking for the perfect iPhone copy of the original, or whether you want what the game could have been, with slightly more memory or processing power. Taito favored nostalgia, producing a miniature Space Invader console, down to the artwork on the machine itself. Bonus: includes original “bad guy” pen-and-ink doodles, answering the age-old question, “what were they thinking?” If you’re not familiar with the game, wave after wave of evil two-dimensional aliens descend upon earth firing missiles, and eventually always kill you. You know, the Gen-X thing.

PAC MAN, Namco (.99): Before PAC MAN was a misbehaving football player, he was a round guy that ate energy dots in a maze, pursued by angry ghosts. Namco’s faithful reproduction recreates 100 levels of the lost youth of America’s middle-aged population. Want a one-level sample? Try PAC MAN Lite. Also available: Ms. PAC MAN. It’s different because the hungry pie-chart has a bow and lipstick.

Galaga Remix, Namco (.99): Namco’s also done for Galaga what it did for PAC MAN, but struck out in their own direction as well, updating and upgrading an alternate version of the game in the same app. The classic game plays just like the original, except that the controls are tougher to handle, because they’re about 1/10th actual size. Still the best Galaga re-make out there.

Guardian Missile Commander, Trenton Henry (free): For our money, the free Guardian raises the ante on Atari’s .99 Missile Command. Guardian only slightly updates the 2-D graphics of the original, whereas Atari does a full reload (but also offers a “classic mode.”) Guardian re-interprets the original’s logic, building its features level by level. Where it shines is the plot device that puts each level’s new features into context through Associated Press and Intelligence reports. I found myself believing–and remembering my classic Missile Command games a whole new way. Oh, the humanity….

iJoust Classic Arcade, Ecoshop Holding LLC (.99): Joust involves a number of fanciful improbabilities. The Joust world consists of overhanging rock ledges, and is populated almost exclusively by knights mounted on flying ostriches. Collect golden eggs for some reason, and use the “Magic” button to fry the enemy en masse. If you understood the original arcade classic, you’ll get iJoust Classic Arcade. The gameplay and graphics are just about identical. Sentimental favorite; An old girlfriend once opined, when the local machine’s Magic button broke, “the magic has gone out of our relationship.”

These simple games will evidently be with us for a long time after their original relevance has expired. Whether you’re new to the genre or an adult survivor of early video-game addiction, these apps will surprise you with their elegant simplicity.

Find reviews on the best iphone apps at, a website dedicated to iPad, iPod and iPhone apps.

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Cheap xbox 360 games Your source for cheap xbox 360 games. You will never have to buy another game once you become a member for this site. This is a Xbox Friendly site. cheap-games-xbox-360 xbox-lost-planet xbox-360-elite-bundle cheap-brand-new-xbox-360-games cheap-xbox-360-arcade-games cheap-price-x…
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Spyder310 (commentating), xI Peezy Ix, and Slifer619 playing New Indie Game Called Jet Pack War. pretty fun game only 80 ms points in the indie game marketplace. Game contains 3 maps new york new york (city map) a Lava map a tropical kind of map spyder310: my second commentary so bear with me talking for 8 min straight about a game is hard to do. wanna play with us ? maybe be in a video? send us a message and we might invite you Website: JerkNationGaming.Co.Cc Twitter Want to send in your fails for our “Top 5 Failed Fridays”? Upload your video to a file sharing website and send the link to the email address listed. Email:
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Mario Kart: Super Circuit


As with its predecessors, Super Circuit is a circuit racing game. In it, the player races against seven opponents, each a character from Nintendo’s Mario series, in small go-karts, on tracks set in the Mario universe. Strewn upon the tracks are power-ups to aid the bearer or hinder their opponents, as well as coins which increase the player’s top speed.


See also: Mario Kart#Recurring tracks

Mushroom Cup

Peach Circuit

Shy Guy Beach

Riverside Park

Bowser Castle 1

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit

Boo Lake

Cheese Land

Bowser Castle 2

Lightning Cup

Luigi Circuit

Sky Garden

Cheep Cheep Island

Sunset Wilds

Star Cup

Snow Land

Ribbon Road

Yoshi Desert

Bowser Castle 3

Special Cup

Lakeside Park

Broken Pier

Bowser Castle 4

Rainbow Road

Single Player

Mario GP

The main mode in the game. The player races in a series of “Grand Prix” competitions (Cups), against seven computer-controlled competitors. Each Cup consists of four three-lap races. Each Cup may be approached at a 50 cc, 100 cc or 150 cc speed, which determines the speed of the race.

In the start of the race, Lakitu shows a stoplight. Like previous Mario Kart games, players use items to disable other players. Shells can knock out a player; bananas will cause players to skid. Mushrooms temporarily boost speed (and if the player uses a mushroom just before a jump on any track, except Bowser’s Castle, they will fly further and faster). Each racer’s finishing position in each race determines the number of points he or she receives, and at the end, the player with the most points wins. If the player finishes in fifth place or lower on any given race, he or she loses a life and must restart. The player may also choose to restart a race at any time, at the cost of a life. Upon losing their allocation of three lives in each Cup, however, the player loses and is ejected from the competition.


The cups and tracks from Super Mario Kart for the SNES are available in Super Circuit. They have been retitled the Extra Cups. These cups are unlockable by winning a Gold Trophy for the corresponding regular cup and then collecting 100 coins in the same cup.

Each race in an Extra cup consists of five laps. The track arrangement has changed due to the number of cups. In Super Mario Kart, there were four cups with five tracks each; in the Extra cups, there are five cups with four tracks each.

Unlocked tracks (Special and Extra Cups) are only available at the speed they were unlocked with. For example, obtaining a Gold trophy in each of the first four Cups at 50 cc unlocks the Special Cup at 50 cc, but not 100 cc or 150 cc. Time Trial mode for the Extra cups is unlocked when the player unlocks 150 cc.

These tracks are not exact replicas of the original courses. Many hazards have been removed, such as flashing Thwomps from Rainbow Road. The Super Circuit backgrounds are superimposed on the Extra Cup tracks. Some areas and shortcuts on the SNES tracks are now inaccessible or more difficult to reach due to the removal of the feather item from Super Mario Kart.

Time Trial

In Time Trial, the player choose any of the tracks they unlocked on Mario GP 150cc. and race for the best record. The player will start with 3 mushrooms, which can use during the race.

Quick Run

The player may choose any unlocked track, from any cup and any speed, and race against seven opponents as in Mario GP mode. The number of laps may be changed between three or five, and the coins and items can be toggled on or off. This feature can also be used to practice for the Mario GP. It is essentially a VS Mode where settings can be modified, though it is not an official VS Mode.


Mario Kart: Super Circuit screenshot with (L-R) Bowser, Yoshi, DK and Wario on Peach Circuit

Link it Up! mode

Mario Kart: Super Circuit was one of the few Game Boy Advance titles to use the Link it Up! mode of the Game Boy Advance. Using a Game Boy Advance link cable, up to four Game Boy Advance units can be linked together and the game can be played with multiple players using only one copy of the game. Due to the memory limitations of the Game Boy Advance, only four tracks are selectable and all four players racer’s characters are different colored Yoshis.

Mario GP

Up to two players may progress in this mode. It works identically to the single-player Mario GP, except that there are two human players and six computer-controlled ones.


Similar to single-player Quick Run mode, with two to four human players, and no computer-controlled ones.


Two to four players are placed in specially designed battle arenas (taken directly from Super Mario Kart), strewn with power-ups. Each player has three balloons attached to their kart, and each time he or she takes a successful hit (from an offensive item or aggressive ramming), he or she loses one. Upon losing the last, he or she is taken out of the game and in three-four players game, turned into walking bombs that explode when they come in contact with other players. The last player standing wins.

Just as in the previous installment, Mario Kart 64, defeated players turn into Bob-Ombs. As long as there are two players still standing, those who had already lost have the opportunity of driving around to help destroy the remaining players’ balloons by simply running into them.

Ghost trade

Up to two of the player’s “ghost car” saves may be copied to another player, and up to two received in return. These may then be raced against in Time Trial mode or viewed as replays as though they were the player’s own. This may be useful in attempting to better a friend’s best time at a given track or to show off a player’s skill.


Main article: Mario Kart playable characters

There are eight characters in this game. The cast is made up of the same characters from Mario Kart 64 (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario and Toad). Each has a specific weight and acceleration rate. In multiplayer mode, players who do not own Super Circuit become Yoshi, and are colored to differentiate between several players. According to this game, Peach was classified as lighter than Yoshi and Bowser was classified heavier than Donkey Kong, although most Mario games classify Peach being heavier than Yoshi while Bowser is lighter than Donkey Kong.



Aggregate scores






93 of 100

Review scores




9 of 10

Electronic Gaming Monthly

8.5 of 10


9 of 10

Game Informer

9.5 of 10


5 of 5


8.2 of 10


96 of 100


9.5 of 10

Nintendo Power

4.5 of 5


IGN Editors’ Choice Award

Mario Kart: Super Circuit was well-received by the press and public alike. Those frustrated with Nintendo’s policy of remaking older games for the GBA were pleasantly surprised that not only had Nintendo released a brand new Mario Kart game, but that all of the courses from Super Mario Kart had been included instead of being released as a separate port.

In 2007, IGN named Super Circuit as the 19th best game on the Game Boy Advance.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit has sold over 2.53 million in the United States alone, thus placing it onto Nintendo’s Player’s Choice list.


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Mario Kart: Super Circuit at (archives of the original at the Internet Archive)

Mario Kart Super Circuit at GameFAQs

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Exciting World of Online Arcade Games

Arcade games are characteristically known as coin-operated games, played in pubs, malls, video arcades, restaurants etc. These machines are equipped for a particular game, and each of the machines has a video display, a coin slot and controls like joysticks, light guns, buttons or sensitive pads that react to the pressure of your fingers. Free arcade games can also play in the comforts of your own home through video game consoles. However, online arcade games are the cheapest and the best way to play these thrilling games.

We now have a variety of computer arcade games that can be played online like Badman, Doctor Zed, Raider, Cursed Cave Crusade etc. The invention of Flash and subsequently Flash based games have been a boon to play arcade games, especially Internet based free arcade games. Flash is an effective graphic program that helps designers create interesting animations. Such animations can be used for software, watching video based programming on the Internet and flash arcade games.

The best part about Internet arcade games is that you do not have to download software to play these action computer games. Your system resources is set free because the games is not taking space in your hard-drive as you are playing it directly online. All you need is an Internet browser and you can play a thrilling free online arcade games to your heart’s content. It is natural for people to play money bets in online arcade games. Online gaming tournaments are created wherein if a person wins a round, he or she gets a small amount of cash. There are huge gaming sites that also host a jackpot, where people can win megabucks.

The line between arcade and kids games online is reducing as with some games, players need to have adventurous skills like going through a cave or under the water to attack an enemy. For example, in Cursed Cave Crusade, you have to move through a treacherous hideout and save Elizabeth Swann. Likewise, there are other interesting games online that have their own charm and can definitely hold your participation and interest. Plus, playing these games from the comforts of your own home can work to be a great de-stresser.

The fascinating world of online arcade gaming is seeing a lot of positive transforming, with every game getting upgraded to garner more excitement and participation. So if you are in mood to play arcade games online without using your money, go ahead and enjoy.

Enjoy boards games and have a great time!

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For many families, 0 for a video game system is a little steep, especially if the children in the family are too young to play a large percentage of the games. Following in the footsteps of Nintendo with its Wii, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 Arcade system in the hopes of providing families with a basic console to introduce the members to the world of video games.

Many gamers, even those not necessarily brand new to the scene, may not need all of the gadgets and updates included in the Xbox 360 Pro or Elite systems. They may simply need the basic tools to play games. The Xbox 360 Arcade system gives families and players alike the ability to play, and play hard, without paying for extraneous add-ons.

Compare and Contrast

The Xbox 360 Arcade system out-of-the-box is ready to play any Xbox 360 game. It comes with one wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, five Xbox LIVE Arcade games and an HDMI output port. Basically, it comes with the basic necessities to plug in, boot up and play. The price tag of 0 is decently cheaper than the next step up, and many families will be attracted to this price reduction, especially around Christmas time.

Microsoft made the decision to replace the Xbox 360 Core system, the originally offering from the line, with the Xbox 360 Arcade system in the hopes of attracting these families to the product. So far, many families and amateur gamers have decided to purchase the console to save a little money, but veteran gamers looking to upgrade or collect systems are not interested in this stripped-down Xbox 360 for a few reasons.

With cheapness comes sacrifice, and the Xbox 360 Arcade system is missing a lot of accessories that hardcore gamers find necessary to the gaming experience. While the average parent might not see the need in a 20GB hard drive, older players do: the built-in 256MB memory card is enough to play the games, but not enough to save the games.

For users hoping to play large-scale role playing games or to download updates and extra levels through the Xbox LIVE function, the Xbox 360 Arcade system default hard drive will not provide enough space. Many of the other Xbox 360 bundles also include a second controller along with HDTV cables, allowing the console to project widescreen-ready graphics and surround sound audio tracks.

A 20GB hard drive will cost an extra 0, and wireless controllers can easy climb to . If a family or user intends to eventually upgrade, it might be more cost-efficient to buy the Xbox 360 Pro or Elite upfront. However, if an individual cannot afford 0, but wants to at least get started on his or her video game journey, or does not intend to ever purchase accessories, maybe the Xbox 360 Arcade system will be a perfect fit. Then, when the time comes, and the money is available, he or she can boost his or her system, without first digging a financial hole.

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