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how about the rebus “spo/ils”?

Question by Steve: how about the rebus “spo/ils”?
one of the puzzles on the USA character network character arcade site based on “White Collar” show

Best answer:

Answer by J.J.
“Divide the Spoils” or “Dividing the Spoils”

also possibly (but less likely) “split/splitting the spoils”

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Evolution of Arcade Games

Early 1970’s saw the emerging of games on the online platform for the first time. Since then, these online games have become a part and parcel of our day to day lifestyle. These games have evolved from simple rectangular blips to rich-textured, full-color graphics with excellent sound and complex interaction between the players and the system. Many video game systems have built-in special effects that have features like unique lighting or texture mapping in real time. An arcade game is a coin-operated machine installed in restaurants, video arcades, public places and entertainment centers.

The most popular arcade games were the shooting galleries, ball toss games, or coin-operated machine that tells a person their fortune. The first commercial arcade game, the Computer Space was introduced in 1971 by Nutting Associates. In 1972, Atari introduced Pong to the arcades.  Interestingly, Atari and Computer Space were both formed by Nolan Bushnell. In 1975, Atari brought in the home version of its popular arcade game Pong. Pong was sold exclusively through Sears and also carried the Sears logo. Pong being a huge success opened doors to home video games.

In 1976, Fairchild Channel F released the first removable game system. In its footsteps, Atari too introduced the Atari Computer Space, 2600 which became a huge success. It used removable cartridges, permitting a multitude of games to be played using the same hardware. The complicated 2600 hardware contained a MOS 6502 microprocessor with 128 bytes of RAM and 4-kilobyte ROM-based game cartridges. Stella, a custom graphic chip controlled the synchronization to the TV and other video processing tasks. Games were encoded on ROM chips housed in plastic cartridges. The ROM was wired on a PCB that contains series of metal contacts along the edge. When power was supplied, it would sense the presence of ROM and load the software into the memory.

Although systems like Atari 2600 gained interest among the players, but it faded with time due to poor arcade standards. It was due to this fact, that in 1985, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by Nintendo was introduced that changed the picture of online video gaming forever. The NES introduced three concepts in its gaming console:

•    A pad controller instead of a joystick.
•    Authentic reproduction of arcade video games for the home playing system
•    Used the hardware as a loss leader by pricing it too high, then making profit on the games themselves.

This strategy paid off and Nintendo is still expanding to new horizons in the field of online video games.

Make sure you make the best of your online gaming consoles!!

Question by Austin: Xbox 360 arcade 16 games and 3 controllers guitar hero guitar?
I have a used xbox 360 arcade in the box, 16 games and 3 controllers guitar hero guitar how much should I sale them for?

Best answer:

Answer by Dr. Phil
Why don’t you “sale” them for some grammar lessons?

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There are thousands of great arcade games online and the good news is that you can play many of them free of any charge. If you have some spare time on your hands, playing arcade games online can be a relaxing and interesting way to spend it, especially if you don’t mind sitting for hours in front of your computer. But you don’t have to be a computer geek to have a good time with these games, as they are destined for everyone to enjoy. So, if you’re looking for arcade games online, here are a few recommendations.

If you’re the nostalgic type, you really should be playing some of the classic arcade games online. Remember Pac-Man, Super Mario or Space Invaders? If you do, you can now play them online for free, along with many other classic arcade games, such as Prince of Persia, Moon Patrol or Final Fight. You can even play Tic Tac Toe online, not to mention Hangman, Minesweeper and the many different versions of the Solitaire card game. Some of you might think they’re old-fashioned and boring, but they still have many fans and even gaining new ones.

But if you need something to get your pulse going, why don’t you try some of the action & adventure arcade games online. If you think you have something of a warrior inside you, then these are the games for you. You can fight battles, travel into space, kill evil aliens, make a dangerous escape and engage in many other action-packed activities – the only constant being that you get the chance to save the day in the end (and maybe even get the girl).

There are enough arcade games online to satisfy all tastes. Girls and boys, kids and adults, teenagers and their grandparents – they can all enjoy these games in their spare time. Take, for instance, some of the role-playing arcade games online – they let you become a virtual gold miner, soldier, gangster, knight, salesman, gardener, fitness instructor and so on. You can also become a virtual cook with games such as Top Chef, Pizza Frenzy, Burger Shop, Cake Mania etc., even if in real life you never set foot in the kitchen.

If you’re into sports, you can discover how it is to be a professional athlete by trying out some of the sports games you can find online. Basketball, football and baseball are some of the most popular arcade games online, but even if you prefer other sports, it wont be too hard to find a game for you to enjoy. For instance, you can pick golf, horse racing or softball. There are also many casino arcade games online, for all the gamblers out there – giving them the chance to play poker, roulette or blackjack without causing any damage to their budget.

All the arcade games online are a great way to fight boredom. So, if you don’t have much to do with your leisure hours, playing arcade games online is definitely a good idea.

In the end, we leave you with a great site for arcade games.

Play the latest Action Games & Adventure Games. Also, Follow RBA Arcade on Twitter. presented by

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Question by JustWanaKnow555: Where are some good websites that show Mame arcade cabinet plans?
I have found a lot of links to websites showing different mame cabinets, but not very many that have actual dimensions for the cabinet. Anyone know of any?

Best answer:

Answer by tc_an_american
Sit down type

Upright Cabs

Good Photo source:

eBay listing (I did buy this persons project plans, they can be helpful to a lot of people and they are cheap enough)

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Online Arcades And Office Life

There are different types of online games that fall under the categories of action, sports, adventure and shooting. You can download free online games and play them at leisure as per your convenience. Alternately, you can be online and play action games like Sonic and Mario against several other players, compete with them, as you shoot them down, and keep scores. You can chat with them online under different aliases. All you need is a Pentium or a compatible computer with latest software and a fast Internet connection.

Register at any online gaming site like Real arcade,, and start playing your favorite action and adventure games. You will usually compete against thousands of other players and online gaming can take the shape of a continuous tournament. The aim of online action games is to increase your arsenal, shoot the enemy, and increase your points. These games are richly animated and may have a storyline. Some common online action games include Space Escape, Indiana Jones, Pearl Diver, Gem Mania and Hacker.

Strategy games are more challenging and you have to gather resources like men and weapons and defeat the enemy. They support multiple players. Some of the all-time favorite games include War craft 3 and Age of the Empires 3. Many PC based games let you download updates of the game where the mouse & keyboard function as the joystick in these games. A maximum of twelve players can play strategy games at a time. You can form your own group of interested players and create rankings within your group.

Sports enthusiasts can play a variety of games from football to soccer to car racing and tennis. Car racing supports many players while football or golf will support a maximum of two players. Most people are familiar with the rules of the game and this makes sports games one of the most popular category of online games. You can have different levels of difficulty in the games and even play alone against the computer. The popular online sports games include FIFA Soccer, Need for Speed and Madden Football among others. You can play better flash versions of these games at our website. A variation of sports games are fantasy sports leagues where you have an ideal team, play matches against other teams and see how your team fares against them.

All of you bored with your monotonous lives out there have a chance to refresh yourself with the best free online games available at

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In The Trenches Of A Literal Console War Tycho expresses disgust over the ongoing “Console War” taking place on message boards throughout the internet this generation. Gabe talks about the Nintendo/Sega wars that he participated in himself back in the early 90′s. Recorded September 5, 2007 for the comic Getting Down. Download this full episode at Download this segment as an mp3 at
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I’m Finding Alot Of Really Weird Stuff When I Search Bear Rape While trying to decide how to describe their hideous Mass Effect-inspired female alien, Tycho recalls that the phrase “red-hot guardhairs” is off limits because it was used in a hilarious mid 90′s news article by The Onion. He then reads said article, much to Gabe’s delight. Recorded September 19, 2007 for the comic In The Love Nest Of The Har’akki. Download this full episode at Download this segment as an mp3 at UPDATE The original Onion article isn’t available online because it’s from 1995 and their archives only go back to ’96. So here’s a scan I made of the article, which can be found in their book “Finest News Reporting.”
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Madballs in Babo Invasion for Xbox live arcade game has legs and balls. MiBi is a top-down and third-person shooter built on the “Brain Candy” engine developed by Playbrains in Ottawa, Canada. This game shows fantastic depth, not just as an XBLA title, but, with its full set of features, as a competitor to retail games.

The characters in the environment blast through the levels with pinball-like physics as they roll, spin, and bounce their way through frantic arcade action. The weapons pack a big punch both in damage and recoil and its quite entertaining to see little Babo’s like “Eidolon” catapulted backwards when firing the railgun-like “Beamer.”

Each of the 10 unique characters has two powerful special abilities, and is a member of one of 5 classes, each with different movement speeds, a durability, a vulnerability and a strength. Players can take advantage of their enemies weaknesses by choosing the right weapon mode for the job.

Every weapon features two modes of fire, dealing different damage types like Heat, Cold, Energy and Impact. Naturally, certain characters and weapons combine well, and finding the best loadout combinations adds a ton of longevity and depth to a game that still has a pick up and play feel of a classic arcade gaming experience.

We asked John Harley, a Game Designer at Playbrains, which features of the game the team is most proud of:

#1: 4 player coop, which lets players play either faction through the 10 level campaign, with difficulty that automatically scales up in response to player count.

#2: Avatar mode, which allows you to play a competitive shooter game with your own XBox Live Avatar Head!

#3: Invasion game mode, which starts with each team building half a map and then deploying their base, followed by a combat phase which sees teams battle for territorial control and destruction of their opponent’s base.

Challenge mode, available in singleplayer and 4 player co-op, sees the player choose either the noble BDI team or the evil Scorched splinter group and fight through 10 levels, chasing a shadowy Merc faction and fighting to collect a powerful relic. There is also a Level Attack mode that focuses on the arcade-style scoring system and had me playing again and again to boost my score.

Avatar mode was a riot, as I saw my Xbox Live Avatar put through the “Deacappuccino Machine” and enter a free-for-all player-versus-player game. As my Avatar head was riddled with bullets and set on fire I was surprised to learn that there is little else in our heads than confetti! Playbrains has wisely chosen to show no blood, guts or gore when playing in avatar mode, earning them a ESRB game rating of E10+.

I also played a few games of the namesake “Invasion Mode”. Teams are presented with a unique mini-game that sees players take turns building a map. Each player places randomly selected map tiles on a board, much like in the XBLA boardgame Carcassone. Once the map is complete, there is a quick team vote to place a base and some control points and the map is dynamically built before your eyes.

Teams battle across this new map, stealing control points and trying to destroy their opponent’s base. Every time you play this mode the map is going to be completely new, because there are more than 150 tiles but only a couple dozen are used each time. This completely bowled us over with the degree of depth and innovation, and is something we’ve never seen before in any game.

Overall, its easy to forget that I am previewing a 1200 point game for XBLA and not a full retail release. In this short preview, we still have not seen the whole game and all its features. Madballs in Babo: Invasion will set a new high watermark for digitally downloaded titles and is looking like a Game of the Year contender already!

MadBalls in Babo: Invasion comes to Xbox Live Marketplace July 15, 2009.

Jason Creation – Want to learn more about Playbrains and MadBalls in Babo:Invasion Preview, then look no further.

Article from Part 1 of my personal Top 10 Xbox Live Arcade Games for Xbox 360. Video capture, commentary and editing by James Woodcock
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Q&A: online game?

Question by no_refillz: online game?
does any1 know any online game that are fun to play like gaiaonline is a fun game, but i don’t like the games where you have to download it or install it onto your computer. I don’t like games like adventure quest or runescape where you have to pay money over the internet to get it. I already tried but didn’t like club penguin, bitenight, fallensword, flyff, and conqueronline. Plz help i’m bored!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Sanjin I

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Arcade Games For Recreation And Fun

Why is there a need for recreation or leisure time? Well, that is simple because anyone deserves it, despite the different lifestyles lived by each person in this planet. For urban settlers, there is always the presence of the city’s hustle and bustle and the corporate buildings scattered in every block. Meanwhile, rural settlers tend to their farm lands and livestock, well most of them probably. These are routines that are followed every day, because that’s how life is with every respective setting. However, it does not go to show that all our attention should be directed to work alone. How about play, even in the simplest form of arcade games? Surely, everyone needs a diversion.

There are several sources of entertainment inside a house, granting that one has a television unit with cable connection that offers hundred of channels to browse through, bookshelves with interesting reads or a computer that is hooked up to the internet. But others have their own idea of fun, like arcade games that are popular in malls, tokens after tokens being dropped for every game. It can really be addicting and it is all the better if you have an entertainment room inside your home that could cover a wide range of games to be played.

Now here, we can list down the type of arcade games that can cater to anyone’s desire for a diversion. The billiards game, which can be traced back to the 15th century, is likened to croquet which aims to shoot balls through holes by hitting another target. Like any other games, it was replicated and can now be played indoors through billiards. Surely, you are familiar with the rectangular table with green cloth covering the surface and the cue sticks intended to hit the balls. One can also try foosball, or what seems like a typo error to the game football. This also has the same mechanics and can be played by two players who will manipulate figures and try hitting the ball to score a goal.

The playing of games can either be done in the physical manner or otherwise. The feeling of sweating it out may work for others, but this is not to disregard the fun brought by games which require not so much physical effort as well. The mental challenge can become quite addictive and relaxing in a sense. The visuals in video games also provide some kind of delight to gamers, something they always long for to see. And of course, for a more worthwhile time, invite friends over to share the fun with.

Indoor recreation is always within reach with arcade games, and you won’t be inconvenienced if you have access to them at home. You can have game tables or have the games installed in your computers or play station units. So enjoy your leisure time while you’re at it because all work and no play can make a cranky person out of you. You would not want to be the person with all frowns, right?

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