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“I got a pocket brimming with quarters, and I’m headed to the arcade games,” sang Buckner & Garcia in the 1980s melody “Pac-Man Fever.” These days, machines remain gobbling up quarters ‚Äì from time to time 5 or more at a time ‚Äì quicker than Pac-Man can take in those pac-dots. Those quarters can add up quickly, and we typically fail to realize simply how much we have been actually giving into machines. How could you balance a need to let your young ones have a great time on a ride or game now with the desire to save for their future? How you prevent wasting an hour every week working to pay for your snacks from the company’s break room?
First, have knowledge of just how much you’re paying. From time to time treating your youngsters to a coin operated ride at the shopping mall or purchasing yourself a snack from a vending machine won’t hurt you wallet, but if you allow your child to ride every ride every time you pass it or you get three drinks from the work snack machine everyday, you are probably spending more than you realize. Bring only enough change (or dollar bills) to make intended buys, and steer clear of the change-making devices.
Avoid bubble-gum devices that dispense toys. The toys are usually discouraging, and you may be tempted to continue to give quarters in the machine until your little one gets the one she would like. Quite often, these toys are dumped swiftly.
Save the quarters for trips to a family enjoyable arcade. Look for discount codes before you go, and actually use them. Visit when the arcade games center is not occupied to optimize fun for kids. You can enjoy one hour of family entertainment for a few dollars, and you may also get some bubble-gum machine toys as part of the package.
Consider options. If you are a true aficionado of the particular video game (or arcade games generally speaking), you could in fact shell out much less if you purchase yourself a game for home ‚Äì whether or not it’s an authentic arcade game or a gaming system with numerous arcade games is up to you. With your own personal arcade game, you can always have the high score! The same idea relates to food vending machines. If you find yourself regularly paying a lot on food or beverages from snack machines, purchase yourself a supply of treats or sodas to take along to work or school. Those personal treat bags are less costly at the grocery store or wholesale club, and a large bag is even cheaper yet.
Quarters add up ‚Äìthe arcade game industry makes .1 billion in proceeds, according to the internet site of BMI Gaming, a company that sells coin-operated machines. Next time you’re tempted to invest a pocket full of quarters on something, take the time to stop and think first. That arcade game or vending machine may give you a quarter’s worth of amusement, but you could be better saving those quarters for something you are going to appreciate considerably more.

Mark Winston is playing online arcade games so much that he made the decision to comply with his own tips here and launch his very own arcade games site! His hottest favorite is galaxian arcade game

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Video games today have become too complicated for the taste of old-school gamers. The games that have been getting much attention are those that actually require you to play long hours and you still won’t get to the bottom of things. Thirty hours of playtime and you still are barely scratching the surface. Perhaps the complexity of the video games today satisfies the need for more challenging games. This is quite understandable considering that majority of gamers are young and it takes a really engaging game to keep their attention. Anything less than complex is bound to be removed from their playlist. While the new games are raking in millions, there’s one game genre that continues to be popular despite the relatively simpler game mechanics. If you play race car games, then you know how very addictive they are. Sure, it’s just a game where you need to race to the finish line, but it takes mad skills to do that. Not everyone is gifted in the ways of car driving and wheel maneuvering, whether in real life or in virtual life. The great thing about the car racing genre is that regardless of how old the game is, people will always have the urge to try the game. It takes little to no prodding to make them race with another player.

The thrill of being behind the wheels of a souped-up car gives a feeling of invincibility. Besides, it’s the safest way to enjoy racing without having to worry about injuries in case of a fatal crash. Another appeal of the genre to those who play car racing games is that they can choose the types of cars that they can’t get in real life, no matter how hard they try. Owning a race car even in the virtual world is treated quite an accomplishment. If you are just starting to play race car games, you will realize the various types of games you can choose from. Old school gamers find comfort in the arcade-style of games. They may be graphically inferior from the new games of today but they are still quite fun to play. The thrill of playing arcade-style racing games is in the ability to race with other players using multiplayer options. It doesn’t matter if you play with a real person or a computer, the point is that the game is a competition and your main goal is to get to the finish line first. Gamers who had no interest in arcade-style games had a change of heart when they start to play car racing games that mimic their favorite race car drivers in the Formula One, NASCAR, and similar franchise. With race cars getting the professional treatment, the car racing game genre has started to enjoy immense popularity.

Given that there are tons of race car games available, it’s quite difficult to try them all. The solution is to download these games from a dependable site like You can access over 800 million games from the network without hassle. It’s simple and secure. Best of all, if you love to play car racing games, you will never run out of races to win (or lose).

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FUNNY Review of iphone Game ekibo by Bogdan

Please review this review of this iphone app game ekibo.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

this is video showing you my top 5 online addictive games… Fishy Dirt bike 2 Copter Sonic Yeti olympics

Question by biochemandrew: Does anyone remember a Super Mario Bros arcade game. It was different than the NES version.?
The only difference I can clearly remember is that 1000 coins were needed for an extra life. There were also some level differences as well.

Best answer:

Answer by bruce k
you mean donkey kong?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Frogger iPhone App

The game of Frogger brings back memories for people in their forties. The game was such a classic it was even on an episode of Seinfeld. Who could forget George Costanza wheeling the Frogger across the street trying to save his high game, moving in and out of traffic just like Frogger himself, only to have the game smashed up by a Mac truck. Now Frogger has become a favorite of people of all ages again thanks to the iPhone.

Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, who are also known for games like Silent Hill and Pro Evolution Soccer, Frogger is a game produced in 1981 that many first started playing in the arcade and then in their homes. It has remained popular and you will find Frogger games on various websites throughout the internet even today.The Frogger iPhone app means you can now play wherever you go.

The game was originally going to be called “Highway Crossing Frog” but Sega didn’t feel like this name upheld the nature of the game and decided to change the name to Frogger. Now the name of this game has pretty much become a household name. There is not many people you run into that can honestly say they have never heard of Frogger.

Frogger as an iPhone application is a brilliant idea and apparently a pretty popular one. Frogger ranks as the no. 8 most downloaded app in the iPhone app store. There have been many reviewers who stated that the quality of the iPhone app was outstanding and gameplay compares to the original. While the graphics seem to be improved some reviewers still seem to crave the possibility of being able to change the game screen to the 1980′s retro look of the original Frogger.

From the 1980′s until now, Frogger seems to have stood the test of time in the video game entertainment industry. From the arcade to the playstation, and now from the computer to the iPhone who ever thought that a little green frog jumping in and out of traffic would still be popular a quarter of a century later. Now thanks to the Apple iPhone you can play this classic arcade game wherever you are and wherever you go.

Read a more in-depth review of the Frogger iPhone app here. For more information on the best iPhone apps or to read more reviews of iPhone apps visit AppCraver today. AppCraver is dedicated to iPhone apps, news, reviews and interviews with iPhone application developers.

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Prey Developers Play ’80s Arcade Games When not Programming the Latest Hits

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2006

What do overworked game developers do when they take a break? Play classic ’80s arcade games of course.

Human Head Studios has a Dream Arcades ( cocktail arcade table in their office for the staff and visitors to play at lunch and during breaks. This arcade allows the staff to play all their favorite arcade games like Centipede and Pac-man on one arcade.

When Human Head Studios was purchasing their Dream Arcade management‚Äôs only concern was how much it would interfere with getting work done, ‚Äú(A Dream Arcade) would be ideal for our office reception area so I definitely want one. Though I don’t want it to distract too much from getting Prey done.‚Äù

Think of a Dream arcades like an IPod ™, except instead of music, it can be loaded with arcade games. “It’s like having an entire arcade, but on just one machine” says Michael Ware, president of Dream Arcades. Each Dream arcade can hold hundreds of classic arcade games from the 80’s, plus a Dream Arcades can also run the latest arcade games, like the just released video game Prey.

Dream Arcades has sold machines to several game developers including the US office of Reality Pump, the publishers of Earth 2160. But don’t think you have to be a cutting edge game developer to afford a Dream Arcades. Complete Dream Arcades start at just $ 999, putting them in reach of most any classic gaming enthusiast.

Each arcade comes with a selection of licensed classic games and is designed for home or office use. Dream Arcades feature real arcade controls and even come with authentic arcade trackballl and a special PC interface. Playing classic video games, and even the latest PC titles on a real arcade takes the experience to the next level.

Michael Ware founded Dream Arcades in 2002 with the vision of bringing the best possible arcade experience to the consumer market. The company is now a leader of this rapidly expanding market. The company continues its mission by maintaining the quality and functionality required to produce low cost, high excitement authentic arcade experience at home.

About Dream Arcades LLC:

Dream Arcades LLC is the leading manufacturer of home arcades and kits in North America. Since its founding in a Folsom, CA garage in 2002, the company has maintained their goal of providing low cost, high quality video arcades for home use. Dream Arcades believes everyone should be able to play arcade games in the home and they shouldn’t be limited to a mouse and keyboard. Home arcades are a great way to have fun. Whether used to recall childhood memories with classics like Joust, Pac-Man or Missile Command or simply enjoy today’s hit games with the family, Dream Arcades believes everyone should be able to experience Michael Ware’s dream.



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It is interesting to know that there are actually things that make Arcade Fire similar to Edmonton Dodge. One would be the fact that both can be found in Canada. But aside from this, both tend to be celebrities showing ingenuity and also mechanics.

The Ingenuity of Arcade Fire and Edmonton Dodge

Arcade Fire’s success in winning the Grammy’s “Album of the Year” honor is something which most people expect to happen . Because the record is packed with Arcade Fire’s imaginative ingenuity in addition to their form of pop-music, they deserve to win. ¬†My memory brings me back to the popularity of country folk music where fiddles dominate the music scene. ¬†However, Arcade Fire submerged all these traces of country music with crafty electric mixes. ¬†I am confident that it’s likely that many drivers want to cruise along the freeway jamming as well as appreciating “The Suburbs”.

On the part of Edmonton Dodge automobiles, they are generally merchandise that are well connected with innovative technology. ¬†Whether you have some sort of Dodge pickup, 4 door, Sports utility vehicle, or maybe the fast and sporty Challenger, the commitment in the Dodge car producers regarding luxury, comfort as well as good looks is incredibly apparent. ¬†I believe that the minute you actually experience riding or driving a new Dodge car you’ll see quite a few functions in which ensures you to discover the best drive you will ever have.


Numerous persons may have grown to idolize Eminem or maybe Lady Gaga, however the trend in the past years has been quite focused on the artists themselves. There’s no reason for me to argue about Lady Gaga’s image but we can’t also miss Arcade Fire’s smooth and easy music and touching lyrics which made them the favorite of many.

This is likewise true with regards to having a Dodge car or truck. Lots of people have trusted Dodge and it lasted for several generations now. In fact, Dodge is said to be synonymous to safety, reliability, and fuel economy. You can ask Edmonton Dodge dealers and users if you want some proof.

Only if cars could sing, I’m pretty sure Dodge can become a famous rock star. ¬†Almost all car dealers around Edmonton display a variety of Dodge models, along with other car brands.

Arcade Fire’s album theme, “The Suburbs,” and its lyrics express the suburbs life in Houston of band members Win and William Butler. “In the suburbs I learned to drive, and you told me we’d never survive”, says the beginning lyrics of the “The Suburbs”. ¬†Win Butler clarifies that the album “”is neither a love letter to, nor an indictment of, the suburbs – it’s a letter from the suburbs.” ¬†

Needless to say, living in the suburbs is best experienced when you have the facility of reliable transport.  Edmonton car dealers are aware that Dodge has been part of North American history.  From what was once country dirt road to the present super highway that connects the modern cities, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeeps and other car brands have also adjusted.

The victory earned by Arcade Fire when it garnered the title “Album of the Year” during the 53rd Grammy Awards creates an indelible mark in the music scene. ¬†Through their music, the listeners are assured that the era of meaningful and soulful pop-music is as timeless as the longevity and endurance of Edmonton Dodge. ¬†


Amber is a freelance Journalist who has lived in Alberta all her life. Like most people her age from Edmonton, she loves to ski, never misses an Oilers game, and has befriended everyone she knows who claims to be a Flames fan.  Amber is an automotive enthusiast who contributes to many blogs, including her own. At present, she writes for Sherwood Park Dodge, the newest dodge dealer in the Greater Edmonton area.

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Classic Arcade Games That Everyone Loves

For those that grew up in the 1980′s: they remember those classic arcade games very well. The days when video games were few, but played with great enthusiasm. Very much like the early years when cars were first introduced and there was only the Model T Ford to select, and the only color it came in was black! People still loved to drive that Model T and it was quite popular. Just as those classic arcade games were popular in their original heyday, they are still just as popular today with the children of those who first played them in their youths.

Pac Man was one of the first video games. For those who have never played Pac Man, this is a video game involving a little round yellow guy that eats dots to get the player points. As the Pac Man goes around the maze, he has the ability to eat special goodies that can win the player even more points. However, he must avoid the gremlin guys that are after Pac Man. These gremlins come in several colors and float kind of like ghosts. Pac Man was so popular, that very soon Ms. Pac Man was introduced with a female version of the Pac Man game.

Tetris is another popular classic arcade game. This game involves stacking squares and rectangles to make perfect lines that quickly vanish, achieving the player great points as they vanish. The game starts out nice and easy, with the Tetris boxes and rectangle shapes coming at you quite slowly. However as you achieve various levels, they come much more quickly and the game gets tougher and tougher as you go. This is a game for someone who is quick on the trigger finger and is great at spatial things.

Frogger is classic arcade game that many people love. It is very easy to fall in love with a cute little froggy trying to cross a busy highway. Anyone in their right mind would want to help out this froggy to get to the other side! Frogger must cross difficult traffic, often advancing both forwards and backwards with the traffic. Both cars and trucks will appear on the highway. Again, like most arcade games the game gets tougher as you get better at it. The cars and trucks get faster and the highway gets even wider for Frogger to cross.

Today there are so many arcade games to play. Sometimes it feels like it is hard to keep track of exactly how many games there are out there that both children and adults can enjoy. Classic arcade games are ideal as often these games can be enjoyed easily by adults and children. These games are approachable by players of either beginning or advanced skill levels. Playing classic arcade games is fun for someone that grew up in the decade when they were first introduced, it is a true “blast from the past.” For young children today, these games may seem a bit quaint and dated in comparison to the high-tech arcade games available today. However, the classic arcade games still offer plenty of entertainment and they are great for family fun.

Now you can play free online games 24/7 and even find game cheats and codes!

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In the current scenario, some of the most advanced and technological progress can be seen in different types of arcade games and web sites display. These websites that offer high-quality graphics and sound system that can be enjoyed on different computers and platforms. Only in a few years these sites have managed to offer the best quality work from the wall and games from simple tests to some of the more complex varieties that can be enjoyed in the virtual world

Some of the most fun and entertaining games available are the arcade games. From traditional games such as Skee ball to the most advanced pinball games, the entertainment arcade created environments have always been interesting. Now, with some of the best Wii games for kids and adults ever created, it can take some of his most memorable favorite games right into your home.

Arcades have been a mainstay in the lives of children since the beginning of the decade of 1980. Since gorillas barrels to futuristic computer programs riding cycles on, young adults have dreamed of going to these lands and be part of all the action only by the crushing of a few buttons and joysticks movements. Below is a just a sampling of some of the best arcade games ever.

First, be aware of how much is being spent. From time to time to treat their children to a coin-operated ride in a local mall or get a snack from a vending machine junk will not hurt you wallet, but if you allow your child to ride every ride every time pass it or buy three drinks at the snack machine work every day, is likely to lose more than you think. Carry only enough change (or dollar bills) to make planned purchases, and avoid changing machines.

The 1980 is considered the golden age of arcade games. It was in 1972 that the first electronic arcade games with coin machines and slotting entered the limelight with Atari inventing the game called Pong, which was a game of ping-pong. This game captured the imagination of gamers from all walks of life, especially teenagers who attended the game together with coins in hand to play. Though Atari could not maintain its supremacy in the Arcade game segment, a lot of clones came on the market, the 80′s saw some of the most inventive Arcade games.

Arcade games are one of the earliest forms of video games. It is usually found in amusement parks and entertainment. Along with time, the continuous development that has happened to these gaming machines. More games are added every year, never late. In the commercial, the arcade game machines will bring steady income, and that is a favorite of all time among youth. The maintenance of these machines is not difficult and can be updated from time to time.

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when young people had to go to a local gallery to get their dose of game. Home video games were just a beautiful dream – beyond the reach of technology at that time. Perhaps it probably seems inconceivable that modern youth, but the truth is that there was an amazing variety of arcade games available to young people of previous decades.

Webgameawards has thousands of free online games to play. Play Free Online Fighting Games, Play Shooting Games Online and Internet Arcade Games

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This is Pipi & Bibi’s, released in 1991. Looks innocent enough until you pass the levels. You’ll see. Part 1 of 4.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Popularity of Arcade Games

Many years ago there were simple arcade games that could be played simply by pressing a few buttons on a controller. In today’s technologically advanced world there are so many ways in which a person can play their favorite arcade game: in an arcade room, on the computer, or on a game box console. Perhaps one of the most popular types of arcade games out of those options is the online arcade games that can be played.

Virtually any type of arcade game can be played on the internet: first-person shooter games, war games, action arcade games, and even team shooter arcade games. Of course, those are only a few of the types of games that can be found on the internet and there are plenty of websites that one can go to in order to feed their arcade craving.

Arcade Game History: Did you know that the two earliest coin-operated arcade video games debuted in 1971? The first, Galaxy Game, was placed at Stanford University, and the second one was called Computer Space. While Galaxy Game became popular at Stanford and was as popular as ever, Computer Space was the arcade game to be the first one that was commercially available. Since 1971, however, the arcade game industry has gone pretty far from the first two coin-operated arcade games that only had a couple of simple controls.

Traditional Arcade Games: As we all love to play them, arcade games offer a whole lot of fun! Whether you want to play puzzle or maze games or you want to control little characters, pretty much anything is possible these days in the arcade game industry. Chances are that everyone remembers some of the most popular games that started out as arcade games: Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and even Donkey Kong. On another note, Nintendo’s Mario character was first introduced in the Donkey Kong arcade game, although he was originally called “Jumpman.” All three of these games, though, not only were available for commercial use, but they were also very successful with game enthusiasts everywhere.

Transformation of Arcade Games: From starting out in these simple platform arcade games, however, the industry has come a long way. In arcade rooms today and on the internet there are all sorts of complicated maneuvers that players can use. Whether using a toy gun or a joystick to perform advanced tricks or using combination’s of button-presses to satisfy needs or character’s wants, arcade game players have had every advantage on their side. Racing games have also become very popular as arcade games today. In 1999, the racing arcade game titled Rush 2049 was released by Atari Games, which was also one of the last games to be branded with their logo.

One great advantage that arcade game enthusiasts have, however, is the presence of the internet. The internet has definitely changed the way in which arcade games can be played as well. Some arcade games, such as the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) like The Lord of the Rings Online or Warhammer Online, have fueled many interactions between all sorts of gamers. All in all, arcade games have definitely changed dramatically over the years and continue to bring thrills and excitement to the arcade game industry so that everyone can play them no matter where they’re located.

If you love video games you can download free games here and find even more free game downloads here.

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